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Robyn's Diary
Seva 2011
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We had a delicious provided by the camp. During breakfast, we met Pisti and Biggy, who is from Hungary and they told us really interesting and funny stories about the adventures they experienced and the trouble that they had to go through in Nairobi airport. Today our room was booked by someone, because we only booked it for 1 day. So we moved to a tent, it was big and cozy! (^.^) There was storage space in front and the back of the tent, so we could put our luggage there. Cool rite? We took a stroll to the city to meet Stacey, who works in a tour and safari company called Game Tracker. We had our eyes popped out at hearing the cost of the tour and safari park fee. So we went to eat lunch to get our eyes back. We finally got a data card and a pre-paid card from SafariCom, so that we could go on the internet and also call people. We came back to Wildebeest camp and had a little trouble with our phone, because we misunderstood the pin code and unlock code, but we managed to get it working in the end. We went to 'Chicken Inn' to eat our dinner and guess what we ate there? Chickens! (^.^) Hahahaha! Today was a very fun day! Bye!

Hello! We slept in a tent yesterday and today we will be moving to the room, and tomorrow back to a tent. (-_-) We ate a rice and minced meat lunch a Tafuna Restaurant in the China Center. After that, we went back to the camp and watched 'Slumdog Millionaire' in the Gazebo. Dinner was at 'Steers', Burgers for everyone..... Mum was really into the decision of eating bread for dinner tomorrow night, so our fate was sealed.... ~~CUT!~~

4th day in Kenya! We went to Children's Garden Home (CGH) today! The children there were really friendly and wanted to shake our hands! (^.^) We were guided around the Home by uncle Moses, the Director of CGH. They have a huge land which they can use. They have projects which generates income like growing tomatoes and selling them, having a posho mill that grinds maize and having a chicken farm so that they can sell eggs. Smart! Very Smart! (^.^) We ate a simple but very deelicious lunch at the home! Rice and beans! The best simple meal ever since Chitkul, India. We came back to Wildebeest camp and rested. During dinner, we went with mum's wishes and ate dinner at Uchumi, where there is a small shop where we could eat bread. Mum had Coffee Scone, dad had Cheese Croissant and I had Danish Pastry. All of them were really filling, ahh! I'm so full! (^.^)

Hello, we met Tiffany today! She's from Singapore too! But she moved to UK at the age of 10, so she has an English accent. We talked and talked and I booked her time for tomorrows dinner! (^.^) After all, we will be going to stay in CGH from Saturday onwards! Ah! And today is Thursday! We are going to leave soon! (>o<)

Last night in Wildebeest camp! We went to the elephant orphanage today and saw small cute elephants! When the elephants walk pass us, it playfully grazed us, so that we could touch it's skin. It was a weird texture! The trainer gave the elephants a soil bath first, so my sleeves and hands were soiled. The elephants' skin looked really oily and shiny too!It was because they applied coconut oil. You can even adopt them, they will email you how 'your' elephant is doing every month. Amazing! We ate dinner with Tiffany and had a good chat. we found out about alot of things. Goodbye Tiffany, see you in Singapore soon.

We moved to CGH this morning. There was no water available, so we had to buy drinking water. The water for washing clothes and bathing was taken from water points which were no very near. I love this place! The meals are great too! We met alot of children and I made lots of friends! (^.^) V. Nice!

It's Sunday! The children have church service today! They were singing songs and they have really good voices. Especially Beth, who is in Form 1, she has a strong and beautiful voice. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention... I borrowed some books from the library yesterday. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, which I have read a thousand times and Dragon Rider. I've finished reading Harry Potter already and I'm in the middle of Dragon Rider. Dragon Rider is really nice! (^.^)


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