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Robyn's Diary
Seva 2011
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We went to Pancharkarma to check out if there are rooms but they are full. The reception staff said we could come back later to check again. Dad went to have his pulse read and the lady doctor said that he is a Pitta and Vata type (fire and air type) based on his pulse. The fire in him is too strong and the air is drying his skin. That's why his skin is so dry. He got some medication and was asked to go for a 6 day treatment. He is to refrain from taking any chilly and sweet stuff. We went to have breakfast and then went back to Pancharkarma. Pray, pray, pray! Yes! They have rooms! We checked in and saw that the rooms were really nice! (>o<)! I did my homework, and then went on to play computer games as there is Wi-Fi. We went for Satsang and then dinner. I love Pancharkarma! It's so beautiful! I hope that we can stay here for as long as we can. Bye and good night!

Today we mainly stayed at Pancharkarma because it's so nice and also because dad had to work on the computer. I did my homework and then went on to read manga. I got a landscape painting book from Dr.Seema so I could do painting if I'm bored. Well, that's it for the day! Bye! (^.^)

We went back to stay at Nandi block because we will be starting our AOL course tomorrow. Actually, I haven't written in my diary for a long time, so I can't really remember what happened, so sorry! I am writing on 21-03-11. (>O<) Sorry!

Still writing on 21-03-11 and I'll just write what I can recall. I went for my Yes course today. Oh yeah, Guruji has left the ashram on 14-03-11. Back to what I was saying, the Yes course is a course for teenagers of age 14 and above. I'm 13 this year but I declared I am 14, shhh! Don't tell anyone! (^.^) Mum and dad are attending the advanced course while I do the Yes course. Both courses will last for 4 days. They will be going into silence, meaning that they are not allowed to talk until the course finishes. There are only 4 boys at my Yes course!!! Ahh! We have a male teacher and he speaks very very little english. He asked 1 of the boys to translate Hindi into english for me. I was thinking " Oh no! Is this course going to continue like this for 4 days!?!?" But after a while, a lady teacher came in and luckily she speaks english. The next morning we were supposed to meet at the kitchen gate at 6.15am! Ahh, so early! Since I need to wake up early, good night!

I woke up at 5.45am and went to the kitchen gate early. A very very bad choice!!! It was really cold, and I needed to wait for a while, which seemed like forever. We went to Rada Kunj to do our warm-up exercises and sun salutation. Oh! I forgot to mention yesterday that we learned Sudarshan Kriya, a very important knowledge. Mum and dad has gone into silence! I can't talk to them! (>o<) Bye!

I woke up early today to do yoga, warm-up exercises, sun salutation and kriya. In class, we talked about an incident that happened in our life. When we talked about it, we all laughed like crazy. It's so funny! Bye!

Today is the last day of my Yes course! We went to Sumeru Mantap to do our morning exercises and kriya. It was beautiful. In the afternoon, I went for a tour of the ashram but we stopped only at 1 place, at Sumeru Mantap! (>o<) I was here in the morning! Then, in the evening, when mum and dad broke out of silence, I told them that I walked to Sumeru Mantap in the morning. They were surprised, because they also went to Sumeru Mantap, but on the bus. So, I brought them there on foot. And that is three times in a row to Sumeru Mantap for me in a day! (^.^) Wow! Bye!


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