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Robyn's Diary
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Today is our last day here! We went to Banjar and ate our lunch at Chinese Dish. After that, we went to Icy Spicy to relax. When we came back, I played with Vanshika and Yashika. Uncle Ashish dropped by with a couple of trouts that he caught! Uncle Murali cooked it for us. HTA (hard to admit), but the fishes tasted delicious, Delicious, DELICIOUS! Today was fun, bye!

We had to leave early to catch the 7.30am bus to Rampur. But! The bus was full! No seats available! So we had to take the 9am bus, but if it also had no seats, then we will take the 11am bus. If still no seats, then we'll be back at Tirthview Homestay! Yay! (>.<) We went to Icy Spicy in the meantime, but the shop was closed! Sigh. I suggested jokingly to dad that we could email uncle Rajeev, the owner, and he really did that! 20 mins before we had to leave for the bus station, dad spotted a number to call on a signboard near the shop! Aiyah! (-_-) But mum said that there was only 20 mins left, so we don't need to disturb uncle Rajeev. The, we left to go to the bus station to see if there was any seats on the 9am bus, and......... Yes, there's seats! Jia liao! (It's actually jia lan, but i keep forgetting, so i say jia liao.) Cannot go back to Tirthview Homestay! So sad! Anyway, the journey was long and we reached Rampur at about 3.30pm and rushed to get on the bus to Rekong Peo. But the local people were too fast! They pushed and forced and squirmed and squeezed their way in. While waiting for another bus, we met a person from Nepal and found out that he also needed to get on the bus, but will drop at a village 10km from Rampur. When the next bus arrived, AHHHHHH! So full! The bus was going to explode! THe door could hardy close! And our nepali friend said that it was the LAST bus! Oh no! Then, we met a family going to Rekong Peo too, and discussed that we could get a taxi and we will split the bill. Because our nepali friend helped, and he was not going all the way to Rekong Peo, he got a free ride! Good person, he did good and so he got good things. We reached Rekong Peo at about 8pm at night. Our hotel room was very small and had a very very small bathroom. Guess how much?!? Rp500!!!!! So expensive for such a small room?!?! WHT?!?! (what the hat?!?!?) Our dinner was egg, rice, papad, soup and :"Bom, bom, bom, bom....." (drumroll) 'CHICKEN CHOWMIEN!!!!!' (>0<) SO nice! Good night!

We went to a tourism information centre called 'The Monk' and got an Inner Line Permit which we will need. The adults talked and talked and I filled and filled in the forms for me, mum and dad for the Inner Line Permit. (I only filled in what I knew.) We were going to head for Sangla and dad did the ULTIMATE to help us get the bus seats. (It'll be almost impossible to get seats if we don't book the seats first.) We reached Sangla and stayed at Aman Hotel. We went out in the ULTIMATE COLD for a (can you believe it?) stroll! Hey, it rhymes! Anyway, we went to eat dinner at a tibetan store and ate NOT SPICY Momo, Thukpa (noodle soup) & MUTTON CHOWMIEN! Mutton - NO! Chowmien - YES!

Today we woke up early to go down to the Baspa River. When we got there, the river was fantastic, Fantastic, FANTASTIC! The scenery was amazing, Amazing, AMAZING! It was an unbelievable sight! The mountains, the river, the sky and the rocks were so beautiful! After taking lots of photos, we headed back to the village for lunch. It was momo, thukpa, and chowmien again! Haha! (^.^) We went back to the hotel to rest and wanted to go to the Kamru village. But, it rained just when we wanted to leave. So we stayed at the hotel and mum and me typed in my diary on to the website and then! Power failure! Sigh! (.'_'.) When it was dinner time, we went to a new tibetan cafe and ate chowmien and thukpa! Again! But now I love mutton! So nice and saltish! But depends on who cooks it... Then, we saw that the breakfast list in the menu was very interesting. So we decided to come here for breakfast tomorrow. (~_~)Zzzzz....

Hey! We ate a WONDERFUL breakfast of Honey toast, Tibetan bread with butter and Honey porridge! The Honey toast was 'WOW'! The Tibetan bread was 'WOW, WOW, WOW'! The Honey porridge was nice too, but it came last, so I was full already. Anyway, after breakfast, we left to visit the 'sort of nearby' village called Kamru. There is a Monastery there and so we climbed and climbed. (PICTURE) Then, we rushed down and catched the 11am bus to Chitkul. We came back and waited and waited and waited... Nothing! No bus! We kept on waiting and finally came at 1pm! (O.O) But the time in between wasn't wasted. Dad and mum talked about their secondary school life. So funny! (^3^) Chitkul in the last village in India until the Tibetan border. We met a Korean couple waiting at the bus stop and became friends with them. They gave me sweets that were DELICIOUS and would melt in the mouth. OMG! So nice! THey are from Seoul!

We woke up early to get onto the 8am bus to Rekong Peo, but found that the bus got in an accident and would not reach here. We needed to reach Rekong Peo in time to take another bus which is at 12pm to get to Nako. SO, the cook at our guest house suggested to get a shared taxi with 3 other ppl. We stopped at Karcham Dam and waited for a bus to Rekong Peo. We got on the bus, but when we reached Rekong Peo, we found out that the bus to Nako was full! (O.O) So we stayed at Rekong Peo for 1 nite. Gd nighty! (~.~)Zzzz...

At 6am, dad and me went to get the bus tickets. I went back to the hotel to pass a message to mum from dad. Dad stood in front of the ticketing counter so that the ticket man could see him. When the ticket man was going to sell the tickets for Nako, he asked dad first, because dad was standing there the whole time. Then, when dad got hold of the tickets, the ticket man shouted with 'Ahh!!!' voice that Nako tickets were being sold and the locals all had their heads turned and rushed towards the ticketing counter. Wahh! (O.O) We ate the best butter toasts breakfast and went onto the bus to Nako! We met a malaysian couple, Benedict & Wan Hui, during dinner and invited them to go to the tour around the temple and lake with us tomorrow! Hope they come! (^.^)



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