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Robyn's Diary
Seva 2011
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The smiling day is here! It’s the day for all the groups in the digital expression contest to present their presentation! The groups all did very well, and in end the judges’ votes were totaled and the group who won was... Sunanda’s group! Sunanda was the speaker so her group won! Sunanda was a good speaker and she describes things very well. She talks quite good English, that’s why I can communicate easily with her. After the presentations, the students who came to watch the presentation and the students in the groups all performed different short dramas. They were meant to be funny and they WERE funny! Really Really REALLY funny! Everyone laughed a lot, today was really fun! Melted me.....Today was really hot! I had to wake up in the middle of the night to stand in front of the air-con, which blows really little cold air. I hope tomorrow won’t be as hot as today, because we are going to Kalchiti! Ahh! I’ll be melted! Anyway, sorry about the missing dates of 1 week. I’ll tell you the summary of it... On 8th May, we came back from Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, to see the middle school in-construction there. We went to Ranchi with uncle Chukada, uncle Arindam and Antara. Antara is uncle Arindam’s daughter. Then, I lost my memory so I forgot what happened before and after 8th May. (*_*##) Haha, joking! I just am too lazy to write down all these on my diary, now I am just copying down what I wrote before. Hehe, sorry. (^_^;) The picture is me melting....

Today is the day we are going to record a video of the students in Kalchiti singing a song! Some children will walk in and out carrying subtitles of the translation (the song is in Hindi) and the others will sing. We had to ‘cut’ the videos for about 3-4 times until it was the way we wanted it. The first time was ‘cut’ because a tractor that made a deafening noise passed by when the students were halfway through singing the song. The second was ‘cut’ because a bull across the road kept ‘mmm mmm’. The noise was very loud! So dad asked uncle Tarun, our friend and driver, to shut it up. Dad meant it as a joke, but uncle Tarun really went to shut it up! How? By feeding it food! Clever! (^O^) After the video recording, I went class to class and showed the students the video. Today was also very hot! Dad and me had to go to the hand pump which brings water from underground, every half-an-hour to cool ourself down with the refreshing water! We met uncle Swapan and waited for school to end. Then, we went back to the guesthouse and slept! (~_~) Zzzzz…

Today I went to the middle school alone again. I saw dance practices for tomorrow, because tomorrow is Guruji’s (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) birthday! Big celebration! I heard a few girls practice singing for tomorrow too! When I was in Sunanda’s class, uncle Chukada and uncle Swapan came in. Now I’m very good at saying uncle Chukada’s full fake name. Uncle Chukada made a name for himself, it is: Sri Sri Bal Bromochary Chukchuka Nanda Swaraswathi Maharaj American Baba! Hohoho! So funny! I nicknamed uncle Chukada: ‘Dariji’ because he says ‘Where there is dari (dari means beard, uncle Chukada has one), there is no problem.’ And he keeps on saying that and making jokes on it. Dari is beard and Ji is a respectful way of calling and elder, so I nicknamed him ‘Dariji’! Hahaha! Then, I gave out my Chinese name bookmarks to the students, teachers and others. I painted a picture on a vanguard sheet and cut it into weird shapes. Then I made up Chinese names for everyone and wrote it down on each shape. I also gave another drawing which I painted to the school. After school, I went with uncle Dariji (PICTURE) and uncle Swapan to the primary school for a while then we went back to the VVKI office. I ate my lunch there with uncle Swapan. Mum and dad were not there because I needed to do some work at the office while they worked at the guesthouse. I printed out a letter from dad to the students and teachers. Then I wrote down the results of the drawing competition and went back to the guesthouse. Goodnite (~_~) zzzzz…

Bye!OMG! GURUJI’S BIRTHDAY! Big Celebration! The performances on stage were awesome! The dances, songs, dramas and speeches! Fantastic! Joshna, Sonia and another girl danced today, very nice! Their dresses were all very elaborate. But today is also the day to say goodbye! (;_;) Why! Sunanda was in tears! Sorry, but goodbye! After leaving the school, we went to the guesthouse to eat lunch. Then, we were off to Kolkata on the train! Bye everyone! I will miss you but I will come back again! Love all! (;_;)

Hi uncle Chawla and aunty Bimla! Finally in Kolkata! Today we went to the Sri Sri Academy, a school for the rich and is under Art Of Living! It's really Really REALLY something, man! Elite school like those on TV! Aircon in every room! Classroom, library, hall, computer lab toy room, maths lab and even..... Later you will know..... Aircon pampered from nursery to Sec 4! Compare them with the tribal children in Jharkhand and you will be awed! Alot of differences! There is a huge library, a toy room (wow!), maths lab a big outdoor playground and alot more! There are lifts too! A really big UNDERGROUND auditorium and....... A BIG AIRCONDITIONED UNDERGROUND PLAYGROUND!!!! (O_O) 2 playgrounds in 1 school! Very big also! What kind of Heaven is this!?! (O_O)

Today uncle Chawla booked us on a full day city tour to get a good look of Kolkata. We visited a few temples and 1 of them was really detailed! Very beautiful! But after visiting the temples, I had burnt feet! Chao  da feetI had to run around on the temple's outdoor sun-exposed floor which was really hot Hot HOT! We needed to take out our shoes, that's why my feet chao da liao. But we made a new friend on the bus! Today was really hot!





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