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Robyn's Diary
Seva 2011
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We were supposed to go to Demul tomorrow. But after dinner, I felt sick and so we postponed our trip! I even threw up! Poor me! I need to sleep... zzzz...

In the morning, I threw up again! I didn't eat breakfast, but after lunch, I felt much better... Uncle Pradip, our hotel cook, drank too much last night and someone blah blah blah to him and he wants to quit his job!!! Ahhh! No more of his wonderful fried rice! (>O<)

Hai-hai! I'm much better today! EXCEPT for the BIG drop in stamina. We were ready to leave for Kaza! But no vehicles! Ah! Then, we found out that uncle Sunil was going to Demul tomorrow, and so the trip was postponed again! Uncle Pradip was back to normal! Yay! We ate the wonderful fried rice in our hotel finally! We also met 2 bikers during dinner and they were from Bangalore! (^.^) But they rode their bikes from Delhi to here. Dad and mum talked and I listened and they talked and I listened. Finally said bye and we slept. (^.^) Gd nite!

We took a one and a-half hour ride in the Ecosphere jeep to Demul and saw uncle Norbul's solar powered house. There were solar panels, solar geysers and a solar passive house! Wow! Amazing! We checked into our homestay and met the family. There are 2 sisters, Yangzom is younger and Tcchering is elder. 1 brother, Tenzin, the father and the mother. They are a simple and happy family. There was no firewood to use so, like everybody there, they used dried cow, donkey, horse, sheep and goat dung! Good, flammable, no pollution and is eco-friendly dung! The thing that bothers mum is that they touch the dung and then touch the food. No washing hands! They have a huge room that is filled with dried dung and they use more than 2 pails of dung per day. (^O^) They have 10 sheeps, 1 cow, and 1 donkey. Although it wasn't easy to communicate, we learnt alot and went to rest for a while. After that, we went to uncle Tserings' house, NOT one of the sisters, and plucked a basket full of Year, a filling for Momo. Really back-bending! After that, we helped the 2 sisters to separate the roots and stems from the leaves. I think we plucked too much! Hehe! Everyone in this family can cook! The father is a good cook too! That is rare! Anyway, he cooked the year and made it into paste and we wrapped the dough around it and steam! Ta-da! Momo! Mum made the Momo into funny shapes and the family followed! Haha! The Momo was yummy! But it was very filling, so I only ate 3. We went to sleep and had sweet dreams!

Today we trekked up a steep mountain! OMG! So tiring! I had to rest every 3 steps! Hey, the altitude is 4400m, OK!?! Not easy! I carried a pet rock with me in case when I wanted to sit down and there were no rocks. After walking for only 10 mins, I already wanted to give up. The reasons? First, I had just recovered. Second, the altitude. I considered the thought of me waiting for mum and dad at the bottom of the mountain, but I kept going on. By the time we reached the top, I felt much better! I guess at high altitudes I recover better. Weird eh? We reached the top and had an AMAZING view of the mountains. It was supposed to be a one-and-a-half walk up and another one-an-a-half walk down, and so altogether it would be 3 hours. But we took 2 hours up and only 40 mins down, so we beat the record! Yay! Anyway, we came down and had a good lunch. We stayed in the kitchen, because it was warm inside. We saw Tcchering bringing a pail outside and mum asked Yangzom whether she was going to milk the cow. When she said yes, we rushed out and saw the milking of the cow process. I went into the compound to see it, and all the sheep were staring at me. (o_o) For dinner, they made a thentuk-like dish called Cupase. They cooked the potato and poured water inside. Then, they teared the dough into small pieces and throwed them into the gravy-water and covered it with the lid to let it cook. When they opened it, it was like pasta! The water was absorbed. Thick gravy with flat squarish noodles and potato. Delicious but filling! (^.^) Amazing!

Today we went to the town centre and saw 450 goats, sheeps, donkeys and cows! It's HERDING time! There was only 3 men needed to control all tese animals! The shepards brought them to graze at a big grassland, the sight was AMAZING! Totally! The animals will graze from 9am to 5pm. But the shepards will bring them somewhere else. We headed back to the village because we didn't need to follow them so far. But it was AMAZING, really!

It's Yaky day! Time to ride the yaks! (^.^) Yay! We are going to ride the yaks from Demul to Komic. So let's go! We rented 2 yaks, because 2 of us will ride while 1 of us will walk. Mum and me rode first. Together with us, there were 11 french tourists, and they rented 11 yaks, 1 for each of them. Good income for the yak owners. Mum rode on our homestay Yak. I was quite relaxed, and I like it better when it goes uphill. More comfortable, if it is downhill then it will be quit uncomfortable. After the 1st rest stop, mum changed with dad. She walked while he rode on the Yak. But I didn't change. After the second rest, dad said that it was very uncomfortable and so he changed with mum. Dad rode once, mum rode twice, I didn't change with anyone so I rode thrice. Hey that rhymes! (^o^) We reached Komic and sadly said goodbye to the yaks. Bye bye Yaks! I love ya! We took a taxi back to kaza for Rs1200! Wahhh! So expensive! When we reached Kaza, we went to hotel Le Karze to check in, and found out that all the rooms were full! (>O<) And to think that it was almost empty. Luckily uncle Yishe said that there was a spare room, and we could use it, they just needed to clean it up a bit. After a while, uncle Yishe brought us up to the room and it was AWESOME! So big! There was a drawing room too! Tv and stereo system! I wonder how much it is? Never mind, I love it! (^0^)



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