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Robyn's Diary
Seva 2011
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Hullo! Gd morning! How r u? I'm fine. Today we went to drug de-addiction centres for women and men. then we went to a boys' home for city street kids. All the boys are quite young. They excitedly recited poems and performed gymnastics for us. They are really Really REALLY good at gymnastics! I'm sure they will be qualified to perform in a circus! They are actually worse than the tribal children in Jharkhand. The street kids don't have parents around them, unlike the tribal children, because they most likely ran away from home or something happened in the family. The tribal children still have parents to comfort them. There were boys of different ages, but all of them are friends. Gd friendship! (^_^)

Our train ticket to New Delhi is confirmed on the 19th May! A few days left only! Anyway, today we went to buy atlases, storybooks, dictionaries and globes for the tribal school students in Jharkhand with uncle Chawla. Took a taxi to a street full of stalls that sells nothing but books! Nothing at all! Except for books! Wow! Maybe I can buy a book here! Book street! Haha! (^_^) We walked here and there, but only managed to buy some storybooks. For me, I couldn't find a book that I liked, so never mind, maybe later. For the globes, uncle Chawla wanted one with lighting inside because sometimes the tribal schools may have power outage and the students won't be able to see the tiny words on the globe properly. We couldn't find a globe with lighting inside, so we had to go without it. (-_-) We went back to uncle Chawla's house to have lunch. At 5pm, uncle Swapan brought us to South City Mall to buy a storybook for me! Hahaha! The real reason that we went to the mall was because mum and dad had to withdraw some money, and so I had a chance to search for a book. I almost bought a book called 'Inkheart'. But saw the price ($_$) and the thickness and the weight of the book. The book can't be too thick or too heavy or else our luggage will be too heavy. So I bought a recommended book from uncle Chawla and mum called 'Agatha Christie'. The different stories that she wrote filled up one whole shelf! She is quite famous! Detective and Murder stories! I bought a '4 stories in 1' book. Uncle Chawla and mum said that it was nice, but I can't say it yet! I'll tell you about the book when I got time to read it! (^_^)


We finally boarded the train to New Delhi! I finally finished reading a story in the '4 books in 1' Agatha Christie by the time I had to sleep. It was quite hard to read, because the train is always moving! But nevertheless, the book was really AMAZING!!! Agatha Christie has really good imagination and creativity! She can think both mentally and physically! You won't be able to guess who the murderer is until it is told. Really amazing! We slept in a 3-tier aircon berth, it was really squeezy! We always slept in a 2-tier, so it was a new experience sleeping in a 3-tier.

We reached New Delhi in the morning and headed to the AOL (Art Of Living) office. They brought us to a guesthouse, but found out that the guesthouse was only for locals. If we wanted to stay there, we had to pay an extra charge of Rp 300, fill in a form and give our passport photos. We decided not to stay there and went to stay at the old AOL office. There was rain yesterday in New Delhi, so it was 'pleasant' today. That's what the AOL office staff said, but to me, it was 2X hotter than Jharkhand. We went to a Karnataka restaurant to eat our lunch. There were alot of people there in the restaurant, I think it is because of the aircon. I hope that tomorrow will rain. At about 6pm, it was cooler. So as usual like anyway other new place we go, we went to explore. We went down to see the metro station (MRT) and walked up and down the street. We finally bought the thermal pants, we are now officially ready for Spiti! Yahoo! It was time for dinner and so we went to find the 'Hong Kong' restaurant which we found on the internet. We walked and walked and found a few restaurants in a turn, but dad said to keep going on. But we still couldn't find 'Hong Kong'! So, we went back to the 'turn' and found 'Hong Kong'! (O_O) OMG! Dad, you are wrong! We walked so far for nothing! we went to 'Hong Kong' and found that it was something like 'fine dining', so it is more costly than average. Mum was pouting a bit. (I don't really know how to describe how she was like, but she was a bit angry) So, dad and I consoled her, and said that compared to Singapore, this is not that costly and it is fine to have this kind of dining if it is seldom. Mum cheered up and we ate dinner. After that, we went back to the guesthouse to bath and sleep. Zzzz.... (~_~)

It rained in the morning! Yay! Rejoice! It wasn't so hot in the morning, but we still stayed at the guesthouse. Went to the bus station to see-see and took the metro in the late afternoon. The metro was ok, but the crowd was OMG! Squeezed dry! The bus station was like a rubbish bin, man! It was crowed, smelly and lots and Lots and LOTS of rubbish on the ground! Luckily, we ate dinner at Mcdonalds to get fuel, or else I would have been knocked out by the bus station...... (^_^)

We left the house early to avoid the crowd that was like yesterday! But! We were deadly wrong.... It was even WORSE!I couldn't even stand up straight! I was practically leaning, or should I say squashed, onto mum! And when the major stop came, HORROR! 'I was carried off my feet and thrown into mid-air! Ahhh!!!' Jk, jk. Still, it was really Really REALLY bad! Dad said that in Japan, the metro staff hires pushers! Ouch! We said bye to New Delhi and hi to Shimla! (;_;) - (^_^) We dropped off the bus at Shoghi, a small town. It was quite cold, in the mountains! We stayed at Veer Garh, Rp 2500 per night. Expensive but worth it. The scenery was fantastic, and the room was amazing! High class, man! We spent quite little money on stay in the whole trip, so why not just for a few days? The room had no fan because it was cold enough. I love Veer Garh! (^3^)





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