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Robyn's Diary
Seva 2011
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Today I learnt that the hunchback car is called Hatchback and the normal car is called Sedan. I'm really sorry, because I can't what happened. Oh yeah! We were going to watch a movie and eat popcorn! We had bought 2 packets of popcorn, the 1st packet we did was burnt! For the 2nd packet, we learnt our lesson and did it correctly. It was DEEELICIOUS! (^.^)

We went to the cinema to watch Transformer 3 today! When we were in the theater, we realized that the movie was in 3D! Yay! It's nice to watch movies in 3D! More exciting! The show was amazing! Very nice! After we watched the show, we went to eat lunch and went to shop for groceries. We went back home and saw that Karate Kid was on! Nice! I haven't watched it before! A bit like Kungfu Panda. (^.^) I wish I could watch Kungfu Panda 2! Sigh... Maybe in SIngapore. Bye! (^.^)

Today aunty Swati brought me to one of the Indian malls and bought me a Kurta! The process was tiring! I had to try on and change and change and change. We finally picked one bought it. We went back home and I packed my things properly. We left the house late and hurried to catch the train in Gurgaon, but missed it, so we had to catch the train in Delhi. Hi mum! Hi dad! Missed ya! We boarded the train and said good bye to aunty Swati and uncle Ankit. They gave us alot of food! Woah! Good night!

Hello! We are gonna be on the train the whole day! There is nothing much to talk about, so I'll just give you the summary of what happened. Wake up, eat breakfast, reading, Iphone, snacks, lunch, reading, Iphone, snacks, dinner, reading, Iphone, then finally sleep....

Hello Bangalore! We went a full circle in India! From the South to the North and then to the South again! Wow! We took a taxi to the house we gonna stay in. Uncle Murthy and aunty Geeta was very kind for letting us stay with them, they were AOL devotees! (^.^) We washed up and ate our lunch and headed back to headed to the VVKI office to see our old friends! Hi everyone! I missed you all! Turns out that uncle Nagaraj had a spinal problem and so he was back at Hassan, his home. Hope he gets well too! Uncle Pathik was also sick and is staying at home. Mr Yezdi, the chairman of AOL, had cataract surgery, but still came to work. He said that he was going to a quiet place to check his emails tomorrow. Rest well uncle Nagaraj, uncle Pathik and Mr Yezdi!

We went to the AOL office today too. We found out that since we will be staying until August, we would be able to meet Guruji! Yay! (^.^) And after what Mr Yezdi sid yesterday, he still came to work today. He had gone for the surgery, so not to let the light hurt his eyes, he wears dark glasses! Wow! (o_O)

Today is Sunday, so the VVKI office is closed! We stayed at home the whole morning and it rained again! It never fails to rain everyday. Good job, Rain God! Let Bangalore be refreshed everyday! (^.^) We went to the Bull Temple and saw the huge Ganesha and Nandi stone-made statue. We came back and ate lunch. Then, I started on my work again. Sigh/ Anyways, I've got work to do, so Bye!



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