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Robyn's Diary
Seva 2011
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Today we went to visit 4 schools. We took a 13-seater gyp which was filled with 17 people. The 17 people consists of uncle Chawla, 2 volunteers, 11 teachers, mum, dad and me! Some of the teachers dropped by the primary school and the rest dropped at the middle school. We got off at the middle school and got to see the students do their daily prayer. It was very interesting, but it was long Long LONG! After that, we were guided around the school by uncle Chawla. He said that the school will be closed by 13th May 2011. But if it was too hot, then the school will be closed at an earlier date. It is because uncle Chawla and the other teachers are very thoughtful and says that health is more important than education. It was so hot last year, that the temperature shot up to higher than 45 deg C and they had to close the school on 27th April! When we had finished visiting the 4 schools, we went back to the VVKI office and ate our lunch. We packed our bags at Hotel Jai Guru (the place where we slept for 1 night but the room was very hot, because the fan wasn't very strong and there wasn't ventilation at all!) and moved to HCL guest house. (this guest house is only for the company's employees, but uncle Chawla had connections. ^.^) The room was A/C, but you could hardly feel it. Uncle John and aunty Serene reached Ghatsila at night, just in time for dinner and they told us about their journey here. We went back to the guest house to discussed about some things and (~_~)zzzz.......

Today we went to the other 2 schools, Kalchiti and Chhatardanga. We heard the children in Kalchiti sing a nice song in Hindi. I wish that uncle John and aunty Serene would stay longer, because they will be going back to Singapore on the 22nd May 2011! So fast! I also learnt that I don't talk fully, meaning that I miss saying some of the syllabus. I got that 'advise' from uncle Chawla. Anyway, bye bye!

Uncle Chawla and Uncle Swapan left today! (;_;) So sad! Anyway, we went to the last 3 schools with them before they left. The furthest school was very weak, it had not enough teachers and quite a few more problems. We always leave in the morning to go to the school and come back at lunch time because the school timings are from 7.30am to 12pm. After 12pm, it becomes quite hot, so the children will get back before it gets too hot. Then, from there we went to the middle school, in Hindoljuri, which has more facilities like computer lab. It was uncle John and aunty Serene's first visit. As all the tribal schools close on Wednesday, there were no children. The 3 schools we went earlier were open because Uncle Chawla said: "STAY OPEN, WE WILL SWAP THE SCHOOL CLOSE DAY!" Hahaha, something like that! ^.^ Good journey, Uncle Chawla and Uncle Swapan!

Oh no! Another goodbye again soon! And this time, it's 3 people! Uncle Chakraborti, a basic course participant, uncle John and aunty Serene are leaving tomorrow to go to Kolkata! We went to the middle school to start the art festival and digital expression contest. For the digital expression contest, I had to roughly teach the selected students how to use the Adobe Photoshop, basically, me giving a presentation! Arggh! In the evening, we went to teacher Anindita's (the English teacher at the middle school) uncle's shop to eat dinner. It was omg Omg OMG! So nice! We ate stuffed parantha, chowmien and chilly chicken, and all no spice! Fantastic! It was a farewell dinner for uncle John and aunty Serene! Goodbye!

Boo Hoo!Bye uncle John, aunty Serene and uncle Chakraborti! (;_;) Boohoo! Don't go! They left in spite of me using all my power to keep them here! Sad but excited, we headed to the primary school to start the art competition. There was a sewing center next to the primary school that was for the middle school students to make things. We saw 4 girls and 1 boy making floor mats, flowers, vases and other things to sell in the market. They were very skillful and the things were a wonder! Mum and dad stayed at the primary school, while I went to the middle school with teacher Anindita, the 4 girls and boy. I went to the computer lab and saw alot of students there using the computers. So I sat at one side playing around with Adobe Photoshop. I was so bored! (T_T)Waited and waited and waited for someone to come and ask me questions about Adobe Photoshop or anything, but no one came! After school, teacher Anindita told me that no one came because they were all afraid of communication problem. Oh well! We went back to the guest house and rested. At 5pm, mum and me went to the VVKI office to meet up with teacher Anindita. We described some songs and games that we thought about before to teacher Anindita so that she can use it in the schools. We ate dinner there and was a bit bored. So, we taught Chandan, a student at the middle school and the driver that drives the teachers to and back from school (he lives in the VVKI office/guest house), and Ramjit, an assistant, how to play Gin Rummy and Heart Attack using cards. So fun! (^_^) Haha! Gd nite!

Hi! We stayed in the guest house for the whole day, because there is the school is closed today. So I'll just give you the summary. I just did my homework and other things (can't remember). Our breakfast, lunch and dinner was very nice! The chilly chicken during dinner was delicious Delicious DELICIOUS! But! It was spicy! But! I still ate it! Yay! I'm Super Robin Hood! Hahaha!

Today is Sunday, but the tribal schools still has lessons going on. I went to the middle school alone today because mum and dad had to go take photos of the art competition in Kalchiti. There was no one at the computer lab today, so I installed the Adobe Photoshop software into all the computers that were working. Run here, run there, run here, run there. Gd exercise! A group was asked to come and learn the Adobe Photoshop by teacher Anindita but she said that I was to teach them tomorrow so I went back to read my book. Tomorrow will be Deuli's turn for the art competition, then it'll be Babuline's. Can't wait! I love their drawings! I sparkled by them! (*0*) Hahaha!





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