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Robyn's Diary
Seva 2011
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Today I went to the middle school alone again. I taught some students how to crop photos, save photos and put them on a powerpoint. Then, they showed teacher Anindita what they learned. Teacher Anindita asked me to teach them tomorrow again, but said that teacher Paritosh(math teacher) knew a better software and would try it out tomorrow. I went back to the staff room at 11am because the students will have their computer lessons at that time. When I got back to the VVKI office, I saw the Deuli's children's drawings! Superb! Like I always say. Tomorrow will be Babuline's turn! Can't wait!(>_<)

Today we will get students from the last school to draw! Babuline! When I got back from the middle school, I saw what they drew. It was really really good! Even better than all the rest! But it was because they had an art teacher. Anyway, I was in my usual place at the middle school, the computer lab. I stayed there reading the books until 10+am when a few students came with a teacher. They sat down at the computers and then the teacher switched off the main plug! Weird! I found out later that it was because the stabilizer had broken down. Then, I went to the staff room and read my books. After a while, 2 girls, called Sunanda and Babita came and asked me to go to their classroom to sit with them in class. I went and learned alot of things. Unfortunately, the classes were conducted in Hindi, so I couldn't understand the class. I know 4 people in that class, Sunanda, Babita, Sanjib and Chandan. Sunanda, Babita and Sanjib are 15, while Chandan is 18 but they are in the same class. Chandan learned driving at 15 years old! Now he can ride motorbikes and drive cars! Nice! After class, Sunanda came to ask me whether I was coming tomorrow, I said no, because tomorrow is Wednesday, a school close day. The tribal schools are open on Saturday and Sunday and Wednesday is a rest day for them. She said oh yeah, what about the day after that. I said yes! Haha! Then, she gave me a mango with a face drawn on it, a nose protruding, and a mouth cut into the fruit. Nice! On the way back, I taught the teachers Chinese and sang a Chinese kiddy song. (^.^) Then, they sang a Hindi song for me! (^.^) Teacher Anindita said that we will play a game in the car the day after, yay! Sobha Ratri (Goodnight in Bengali)! (^.^) (~_~)zzzzzz........

Today we went to Jamshedpur with uncle Arindam, his daughter Antara and Chandan. We went to a few bookstores and bought an Atlas and 2 dictionaries. Then we went to eat lunch at a ditto 'Maiya's' restaurant. (We were at Maiya's restaurant in on our last day in Bangalore with uncle Nagaraj, uncle Pathik, uncle Ravindra, uncle Praveen and others.) After that we headed back to the guesthouse and ate dinner. Jamshedpur was fun and I learnt that the place does not have many children's books, but has alot of text books. I will not go there if I want to buy books, haha!

Hi! We went to the middle school again to do the digital project. The power was out again. The days kept getting hotter and hotter, argghh! I wonder what is the day's temperature now. There is not much time left till the contest end date, but I think they are going to extend the deadline to ease the pressure for both me and the students. Today 4 groups went to take the smile photos. 2 groups each turn for an hour. By the time I came back to the school from the village, I was a dead dog. Phew! But I had to go again with the next 2 groups! The first 2 groups comprise Chandan, Sanjib, Mohan and others. The other 2 groups comprise Sunanda, Babita and others. By the time I came back to school the second time, I was a dead dog, passed through heaven, reborn again and died again. I need to rest, goodnight!

Mum and I went to the middle school while dad stayed at the guesthouse to do his work. Mum basically interviewed the teachers while I sat outside the computer lab waiting for students to come and ask questions. Teacher Anindita sent to me a group of students from the digital contest team. I taught Photoshop and asked each of them to crop some photos. At about 11am, mum and I went to class 8a, Mohan's class. We played the Om game, it was very fun. We headed to the guesthouse after lunch at the office. At about 4.30pm we went to wait for Chandan to drive us to the hostel where his 3 sisters stay. Dad came down about 15mins later saying we won't be able to go to the hostel because it was raining heavily. We returned to the room but there was a power outage. We lit candles and showered in candlelight! Wow, hahaha, it was fun! After a while, the power came on again. Dad said "Hallelujah!" I said it too, but in mid-word, the power went away again! After 15mins, the power came back on, permanently! Yay, I wanna sleep! Haha, goood night. (~_~)zzzzz.....

Apparated!When we were drinking tea during breakfast, I told dad that the sugar doesn't dissolve in the tea no matter how many time I stir it. Then, he started.... ' Like sugar and tea, the sugar can either dissolve and be everywhere, or stay one. Are you dissolved into the middle school and are friends with everyone? Or are you staying as one?' WISE SAYING! TEA, COFFEE OR ME? (^o^)Haha! I went to the middle school alone again. As I was talking to teacher Raj, teacher Anindita said to me suddenly:"Robyn, can you come and read a paragraph for the children in my class?" "Umm...... Ok" I went into the classroom and read a paragraph. After the paragraph, teacher Anindita didn't say stop so I continued reading. After every sentence I read, teacher Anindita would explain what they meant. I stopped reading at 3 pages because the school bell rung. Luckily there was the school bell, or I think I would have read until the whole book is finished! (*0*) After school, I got into the van with the teachers as usual. But teacher Paritosh told me to take the school bus with the students, because..... Actually, for the digital expression contest, 10 students were supposed to go to the VVKI office with me and I will meet with mum and dad. Then, we will guide them along while they are doing their powerpoint. But the VVKI office had a power outage, so they went to OUR guesthouse! Continuing.... When I was on the bus, I looked around but didn't recognize anyone from the digital expression contest on the bus. Teacher Anindita said that these students were taking the bus too. After a while, the bus stopped a few stops away from the school and the students from the contest came up the bus. I learned later that they were let of early to eat their lunch. When we reached the guest house, I counted the number of students but found that there were only 9 instead of 10 students. The missing student was Chandan. He had to drive the teachers back to the guesthouse so he wasn't with the other students. Dad and me started teaching and guiding the students on the powerpoint and Photoshop. After a while, I looked to my left and saw Chandan standing there! Wah! Apparated! When I had some free time, Dad told me to teach the students who were waiting to do the powerpoint 'Ji Gu Ba'. (there was only 2 laptops, and there were 4 groups, so they had to take turns to use the laptop.) (Ji Gu Ba is a fun game.) It was really fun and funny Funny FUNNY!!! (>o<) I have never laughed so much before! Hahaha! When the students were supposed to go back, mum and me went with them to go to the hostel and interview Chandan and his little sisters. I took alot of photos and made everyone laughed. I can now pronounce Chandan, Mohan and Durga THE MIDDLE SCHOOL JOKERS! Hahaha! It was very fun today! Ji Gu Ba! Haha! Bye bye! (^.^)

We went to Dumaria today to see the school in Salgadi. The class was from nursery to class 5. (Primary 5) There were some students who were just in the school to get the free meals that were provided. Some were even too young but their mothers said that they had to work in the field and just wanted their children to be in good care with food. So you see, these people here just wants their best for their children, but....... Anyway, the road to Dumaria was really Really REALLY bad! I took alot of videos of the broken road. There were holes everywhere! I think the videos will be too shaky to be able to be seen clearly. Trust me, I wasn't the one who shook the IPhone, it was the road. (I took the videos with the IPhone.)We went to Dumaria with uncle Thakurta (nickname: Madu, means Honey ^_^)and aunty Purabi (nickname: Inca, means !?(*_*;?) At the school, I taught the nursery children some new words, but I don't think I did a great job...... After school, there was a gathering and uncle Thakurta and aunty Purabi talked. Then at the end, the top boy of the school, Lukhi's brother (Lukhi is at the middle school), hung a string of Frangipani and Hibiscus around our necks! Wow, right?!? Aunty Purabi and uncle Thakurta were very surprised, and said jokingly that because of us they had the special treatment too! Hahaha! We headed back to Ghatsila by the bumpy-bad-broken road. These children are really out of reach from anyone. Those students who have finished class 5 will go to Hindoljuri middle school, like Lukhi and Mohan, and stay in the hostel near the school. It would take about one-and-a-half hours to get from the their home in Dumaria to the middle school. Amazing how some children are so dedicated to their studies and how their parents are supporting them. I really want to help them.





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