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16th Year: 2014
- Meditation @ Tigerland Rice Farm
- Grandpa's Will
Private screening of 'Meeting the Giant' movie

- Swim @ Safra Jurong
Family Fun @ Tanjung Sutera Resort

- Sport climbing @ Onsight Climbing Gym
Racial Harmony Day @ Unity Secondary
- Yong's Family Picnic @ Botanic Gardens
Granny's Brain Tumor Ordeal
- Grandpa's Shingles Ordeal
Tai Family Star Cruise

- Unity Secondary School PSG Notice Board

- Unity Sec PSG Prawning in East Coast Park
Ski Val Thorens in the French Alps


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12-16 MAY 2014: Meditation @ Tigerland Rice Farm

It's so wonderful to return to Tigerland Rice Farm after almost 3.5 years as my last visit was in Dec 2010. It was good to catch up with Kitt, Father Gun and Mother Tomei. I took the opportunity to enjoy a day of silence meditation. We recced some beautiful spots in the bamboo forest to develop a new program: Meditation @ Bamboo Forest and Meditation @ Paddy. Also, Kitt and I launched a social project to create 5 libraries for hilltribe kids by calling for donation of 1000 English books over the next 3 years.
Tigerland Rice Farm
So good to be back at Tigerland Rice Farm.
Farm cooked lunch
Always love Mother Tomei's farm-cooked meals.
Kitt and little Kim
Kitt and little Kim.
Coffee nursery
New project: coffee planting.
Good old sturdy farmer's bungalow
Farmer's bungalow standing strong with a new roof.
Lower bungalow's roof was still damaged due to hail stones
Lower bungalow's roof damaged by heavy hail stones.
Alvin and Father Gun's recce into bamboo forest
Recce into bamboo forest.
Bamboo 'cave' for meditation
Meditation @ Bamboo 'cave'.

Meditation @ Paddy.
Dinner with Eric Low
So wonderful to catch up with Eric Low.

Bamboo plants on
Bamboo plants brought back from Tigerland Rice Farm on 17 May 2014.


Sprouting bamboo plants on 15 Jun 2014. >

Bamboo plants on 15 Jun 2014



25 MAY 2014: Witnessing the Will of Grandpa

Grandpa's drawing of will.

After much preparation, it's time to sign the will of grandpa with Ah Hua and Alvin as the witnesses.

Grandpa wills his assets to Uncle Jeffrey, Aunt Jojo, Jin and Uncle Ron.



25 MAY 2014: Private Screening of 'Meeting the Giant' Movie for the Avita Family

Amazing that Wai Teng, Joey and I actually met Steven Choo on the plane to Jakarta last year, and we became friends. Steven is executive producer for this made-in-Singapore movie "Meeting the Giant" about Singapore and China imported basketball players. Thanks to Steven and Wai Teng, we enjoyed a private screening for Avita family in a GV cinema. We also met Steven's brother, the Mediacorp artiste Choo Huo Ren, who is also the Producer of this movie.
With the Producer Choo Huo Ren With Executive Producer Steven Choo
Grandma, grandpa and Uncle Ron's family attended too
Wai Teng sponsored her daughter's school friends to this movie




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