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16th Year: 2014
- Meditation @ Tigerland Rice Farm
- Grandpa's Will
Private screening of 'Meeting the Giant' movie

- Swim @ Safra Jurong
Family Fun @ Tanjung Sutera Resort

- Sport climbing @ Onsight Climbing Gym
Racial Harmony Day @ Unity Secondary
- Yong's Family Picnic @ Botanic Gardens
Granny's Brain Tumor Ordeal
- Grandpa's Shingles Ordeal
Tai Family Star Cruise

- Unity Secondary School PSG Notice Board

- Unity Sec PSG Prawning in East Coast Park
Ski Val Thorens in the French Alps


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7 MAR 2014: Alvin on Social Entrepreneurship at Singapore Poly

Alvin invited to speak at SP
Alvin sharing his experience in social entrepreneurship with students and staff at Singapore Poly.
Best to do good well
Sharing passionately the ultimate message of "Best to Do Good Well".
Panel discussion
Panelists: Cassie Lim, Richardo Chua and Ivan Lau.
Lively discussion with the student audience
Really enjoyed the lively discussion with students.
Group pic with the SP principal and his staff
Group pic with the SP Principal and his teaching staff.
Overwhelming Q&A by the students
Non-stop Q&A by enthusiastic students.


7 MAR 2014: PSG Family Badminton @ Unity Sec

This is the 2nd Family Badminton session organized by the PSG for parents and children from Unity Sec. So fun for families to come together. It's a pity that on Friday, Robyn has to go for tuition and misses out...
Dads for Life: Alvin, Wee Kian, Wai Kuen & Richard
Rossli and daughters
Rossli and daughters




9 MAR 2014: Happy 51st Birthday, Jin

Happy 51st birthday, Jin

Happy 51st birthday, Jin.

The special present was a Nike+Fuelband SE that is still unavailable in Singapore! It'll accompany her on her runs and dances, and help her measure her healthy lifestyle activities.

Family dinner to celebrate Jin's birthday


9 MAR 2014: Avita's Community Service at Garden Party @ Istana

It's a memorable 51st birthday for Jin as she celebrated the day in the presence of President Tony Tan of Singapore and many Diamond Presidents of Avita at the Istana.

Alvin, Robyn & Jin at Istana

Jin & Alvin

With the Scent'al Family
The Scent'al Team ready to service with Meridian 101.

Alvin & Josephine
Alvin and Josephine hosted part of the Istana show.
Jin & Titus
Jin and Titus (Alvin's Victoria School scout mate).
Jin, Boon Khai and Alvin
Jin, Boon Khai (Alvin's SAF fellow officer) & Alvin.
Scent'al Family
The Scent'al Family @ Istana.

Happy birthday, dearest
Happy birthday, dearest Jin.


22 MAR 2014: PSG Bowling @ Warren Country Club

Cristino Ronaldo is CR7, Robyn Yong is RY17.

Robyn undergoes training with the
Youth Soccer Academy every Saturday.

Robyn the soccer player

Training with Youth Soccer Academy
PSG Bowling at Warren Country Club
Unity Sec PSG organized a family bowling.
Kids having fun
The kids had plenty of fun...
Family bonding
Wonderful family bonding times...
Jin bowling
Of course, parents also enjoyed the game.


28 MAR 2014: Unity Secondary Awards Night

Marcin and Alvin met at Teotihuacan in Mexico in Aug 2013 for the Living the Agreement spiritual retreat by don Miguel Ruiz. It's a long way from Poland but he is someone guided by vibration so he flew to Singapore and spent 10 days with me from 18 to 26 Feb.
Robyn dancing at the Awards Night
Robyn is among the dancers on stage.
Happy faces of performers
Happy faces of Robyn and fellow performers.
PSG selfie
A PSG selfie taken by VP Shah.
Thumb painting for record breaking
PSG parent volunteers doing the thumb print art.



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