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16th Year: 2014
- Meditation @ Tigerland Rice Farm
- Grandpa's Will
Private screening of 'Meeting the Giant' movie

- Swim @ Safra Jurong
Family Fun @ Tanjung Sutera Resort

- Sport climbing @ Onsight Climbing Gym
Racial Harmony Day @ Unity Secondary
- Yong's Family Picnic @ Botanic Gardens
Granny's Brain Tumor Ordeal
- Grandpa's Shingles Ordeal
Tai Family Star Cruise

- Unity Secondary School PSG Notice Board

- Unity Sec PSG Prawning in East Coast Park
Ski Val Thorens in the French Alps


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4 & 9 APR 2014: PSG Stone Mosaic Co-Creation Art for Unity Sec 15th Anniversary

Starting work on our co-creation art
Art director Alvin with PSG members and kids.
Shaping up so well...
All creative minds & hands in action.
Irene and daughter in action
Irene and daughter having artistic fun together.
Wendy, Alvin and VP Shah
Co-creation by Wendy, Alvin and VP Shah.
PSG stone mosaic art for Unity's 15th anniversary
Proudly exhibited at The Star on 23 Apr 2014.

Proudly displayed in school
We are proud of our PSG mosaic artwork!


12 APR 2014: PSG Conference @ Suntec City

Unity Secondary PSG was invited to share our DadsForLife initiatives at this year's PSG Conference organized by MOE. We are so proud to have Richard Tan, who heads the DadsForLife in our PSG and also Alvin's classmate from Margaret Drive Primary School, share our stories.
DadsforLife - Alvin and Richard
Dads for Life: Alvin and Richard @ PSG Conference.
Richard shared passionately with fellow parents
Richard sharing with about a hundred parents.
Richard at the panel for Q&A
Richard with panelists for Q&A.
Mindy, Richard and Alvin with fellow parents
Mindy, Richard and Alvin with fellow PSG parents.



13 APR 2014: Shutter Down for Mama Dryclean

Bye bye, Mama Dryclean

Mama Dryclean started on 18 Nov 2013. After 5 months of fun, we decided to shutter down on 13 Apr 2014. It's now time for the silver-haired entrepreneurs to rest and enjoy free time.

with Mike


19 APR 2014: Gathering of the Flowering of a Child Gang @ The Plonk

The Flowering of a Child was a fantastic 4-month art empowerment through co-creation project for the pre-school kids at Child@Street11. Alvin directed the project under It began in Feb 2013 climaxing at a weekend art exhibition held at Vivocity on 1-2 Jun 2013.

Thanks to Deepa, we enjoyed a wonderful gathering of many Angels (Mona, Vashima, Sarbani and Deepa) who volunteered for the project. Next get-together will be in July 2014.

The Flowering of a Child gang of angels


23 APR 2014: Unity Secondary Celebrates 15th Anniversary

15 Years of Unity
15 Years of Unity.

Flag raising ceremony at Unity Sec.
Flag raising ceremony at Unity Sec.
PSG members turned up in force to support.
PSG members turned up in force to support.
PSG participated in the basketball bouncing record making
Fellow wonderful parents of Unity PSG.
New record: 1238 people bouncing for 5 minutes
New record: 1238 pax bouncing for 5 min.
Whole school cheering the new record!
Robyn and the whole school cheering the record feat.
Robyn the basketball bouncer by day
Robyn the basketball bouncer by day in school.
Robyn the dancer
Robyn the dancer by night at The Star.
Rhapsody III by Unity Secondary
The Rhapsody III Concert at The Star by the students and staff was simply awesome.
Unity Dance Group
So proud that Robyn was among the graceful dancers of the Unity Dance Group.



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