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12th Year: 2010
- Celebrating New Year & 16th Wedding Anniversary at Bombay Cafe
- Simon Lee in S'pore & Family Photo Shoot by Charlie Lim
- Squash Craze!
- "Bliss in Bali" Art of Living Advanced Course & "Drink Towards a Greener Earth" Exhibition at Millenia Walk
- Meridian 101 @ Wisma
- Shopping in Bangkok
- Voyage de la Vie @ Resort World Sentosa
- Image Re-make: Long Hair No More!
- Granny's and Avery's Birthday Parties
- Robyn's 12th Birthday Climbing Celebration @ Safra Yishun
- Return to Tigerland Rice Farm, Chiang Rai, Thailand
- R&R at Downtown East & Heni's Birthday

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17 Nov 2010: 108 Sun Salutation for Charity with Huay Lin

Robyn is 12 years old!

On this Sunday afternoon, Huay Lin (Jin's yoga teacher) led us on a 108 Sun Salutation routine. We spent some time warming up followed by about 2 hours of repeating 108 sun salutations! This was a charity exercise that Huay Lin has dreamt of doing for this year. We raised a total of $1200.80 (formed by the 7 people in the pic) for Project Helping Hand.


25-28 Nov 2010: Return to Tigerland Rice Farm in Chiang Rai

With the help of the People's Association, 3 Singaporean families spent a week experiencing rice harvesting at Tigerland Rice Farm on 20-26 Nov 2010.

We also returned to Tigerland Rice Farm to visit Kitt, Father Gun and Mother Tomei, and to plan for 2011 programs.

This time, we flew to Chiang Mai to meet old pal Eric Low, who kindly drove us to Chiang Rai the next day in his 4WD Pajero.

Eric, Alvin and Jin in a Chinese restaurant in Chiang Mai

Alvin and Robyn at Chiang Mai Night Market

Alvin and Robyn at Chiang Mai Night Market.

Chiang Rai Hot Spring

Robyn and Jin at Chiang Rai Hot Spring.




Enroute to Chiang Rai, we stopped by at a Hot Spring for loo break, hot tea and to soak our feet in the piping hot spring water for good health. The water was amazingly hot and there was a bubbling pool that the locals boil quail eggs in!

Robyn in Chiang Rai

Robyn, Jin, Kitt and his younger son

Finally we arrived at Father Gun's home and met Kitt and his wife and 2 sons!

Kitt and his family

Kitt's elder son


Kitt's two ultra active and hardy sons.

Kitt's younger son

The Karen FC team

Football 1-0

Coincidentally, the Karen Tour Guide Association was challenging a government office team in a football match and we all joined in to cheer them on. Anthony Wong was even fielded as a defender. Kitt and Father Gun played courageously to lose 1-0!

Father Gun and Alvin

Robyn made new friends in Julian and Ashley, who just completed their rice harvesting with Michele and Erlena.

The kampong kids

Robyn with Longneck and Moonlight

L: Robyn had a great time catching up with Longneck (dog) and Moonlight (cat) at Father Gun's home.


R: Anthony Wong shooting with his Fuji SLR.

Anthony Wong


New kitchen at the farm.

Robyn enjoying breakfast

Robyn enjoying farm breakfast.

Eric Low in rice field

Eric in the harvested rice field.

Flowers in the paddy

Nice shot?

Father Gun, Kitt, Anthony and Alvin

Together, we reviewed the eco-programs we conducted this year and designed new programs for the new year. There's new adventures to look for in 2011!

Robyn Yong

Lunch at the farm

Lunch at the farm before we left for Chiang Mai.

Friends of Tigerland Rice Farm

Friends of Tigerland Rice Farm.

Jin, Robyn and Father Gun with Eric's Pajero

After lunch, we hit the road in two 4WD and headed for Chiang Rai city for coffee, and then Eric took us back to Chiang Mai. We returned to Singapore the next day.

We look forward to another exciting year in 2011 in which we'll bring more Singapore families to discover the wonders of nature and rice farming at



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