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16th Year: 2014
- Meditation @ Tigerland Rice Farm
- Grandpa's Will
Private screening of 'Meeting the Giant' movie

- Swim @ Safra Jurong
Family Fun @ Tanjung Sutera Resort

- Sport climbing @ Onsight Climbing Gym
Racial Harmony Day @ Unity Secondary
- Yong's Family Picnic @ Botanic Gardens
Granny's Brain Tumor Ordeal
- Grandpa's Shingles Ordeal
Tai Family Star Cruise

- Unity Secondary School PSG Notice Board

- Unity Sec PSG Prawning in East Coast Park
Ski Val Thorens in the French Alps


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9 NOV 2014: Yongs + Kongs

The Kongs and the Yongs met for dinner to talk about our skiing trip to the French Alps in Dec.

Alvin and Siew Qun skiied together in Mayrhofen ski resort in Austria back in 1998. Come Dec, our younger generation will be skiing in Val Thorens in France. Thanks to SQ for doing all the homework of which hotel to book, where to buy the ski passed, etc.



NOV 2014: Granny's Brain Tumor Ordeal

< 5 Nov: Alvin took Granny for radiotherapy at the SGH.

8 Nov: Jin took Granny for a stroll along East Coast Park.

> 24 Nov: Alvin and Jin took Granny to SGH for medical review.

We are so thankful that Granny has responded well to the treatment and remained strong and cheerful.



12 NOV 2014: Unity Secondary PSG Board

Parent volunteer Jean and her kid, and her kid's friend, working on our PSG noticeboard.

Final touch-up of our mosaic artwork by Alvin and the students.

The P and VPs came to support...

...the 3rd VP also came to cheer us.

Our proud art contribution to Unity Secondary.

Robyn and Optimus Prime
Jean's amazing artful decoration.



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