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15th Year: 2013
- NJC 1984 Himalayan Expedition Gathering

- I Am Gifted, Me&Dad Camp, Univeral Studio Singapore, Rock Climbing at Camp5 in KL

- Racial Harmony Day @ Unity Secondary School
Family Picnic @ Botanic Gardens

- Skateboarding, Visiting Liz Poey, Living the Agreements retreat with Don Miguel Ruiz at Teotihuacan, Mexico

- The Piano Guys, Unity PSG BBQ, SAFRA Social Enterprise Festival

- Robyn turns Hardy 15, Liz Poey's wake
- Mama Dryclean, Robyn's first guitar ensemble performance at S'pore Conference Hall, ICE Challenge, Charity Yoga

- White Christmas Ski Holiday at Changbaishan Ski Resort, China


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10 NOV 2013: Robyn Trains with Youth Soccer Academy

Robyn started her weekend soccer training with the Youth Soccer Academy at CCK/Marsiling. She is the only girl amongst all the boys, mainly Malays. We are impressed with how Ros organizes and runs the academy, and even more impressed with the soccer skills displayed by the many mini-Fandis.
Soccer training on Sunday morning Robyn playing soccer at Marsiling


10 NOV 2013: ICE Challenge

Alvin was invited by Money Tree to be one of its judges for the semi-finals of the ICE Challenge (I=Innovation, C=Creativity, E=Entreprise) held at the United Square. This challenge was designed as a competition for primary and secondary school students on Business and Social Enterprise.
Fellow judges with Ryan Soh, CEO of MoneyTree.
Fellow judges with Ryan Soh, CEO of MoneyTree.
Alvin and Serene Ow doing our judging round.
Alvin and Serene Ow doing our judging round.
One of two Unity Sec Teams won the 1st prize for the Secondary School category. Well done!
One of two Unity Sec Teams won the 1st prize for the Secondary School category. Well done!
Alvin and Ryan knew each other from Bel'Air days. It was good to meet up again.
Alvin and Ryan knew each other from Bel'Air days. It was good to meet up again.


18 NOV 2013: Launch of Grandma's Mama Dryclean + Laundry in Ang Mo Kio

CEO is 60+ Grandma. Chairman is 70+ Grandpa. An opportunity knocked and they decided to start a silver generation business - Mama Dryclean + Laundry in AMK Ave 4.

This was a business that Alvin helped to launch in just 9 days from explore-to-opening:

9 Nov: Grandpa and Grandma first discussed the idea with Alvin.
11 Nov: They went to view the shop space at AMK Ave 4.
12 Nov: Paid up rental deposit.
13 Nov: Registered and launched live
14 Nov: Designed and sent brochure for printing.
15 Nov: Alvin and Grandpa went shopping and bought racks, etc.
16 Nov: Alvin designed and printed huge posters for branding.
17 Nov: Set up shop and counter. All ready.
18 Nov: Open for business. Brochures delivered.

Grandpa and Grandma at Mama Dryclean
Robyn helping out at Mama Dryclean

Since it was school holiday time, Robyn went to help out and learnt about laundry business. Robyn also helped Grandpa to distribute flyers to all the blocks around AMK neighbourhood. It was fun!

Robyn's holiday work


23 NOV 2013: Charity Yoga by Tio Huay Lin

Alvin, Jin and Tio Huay Lin organized a 2nd Charity Yoga this year to raise fund for Children's Garden Home. Avita was the venue sponsor again. Everyone enjoyed a wonderful yoga session by Teacher Huay Lin. Together, we raised over $10K for CGH. Huya Lin continued to sponsor 4 kids in CGH.

Charity Yoga at Avita Auditorium
Flying asana demo by Huay Lin and Titty

Teachers Huay Lin and Ching Ching
Yoga teachers Huay Lin and Ching Ching

Jin, Huay Lin and Alvin at Avita
Organizers Huay Lin, Jin and Alvin
Charity Yoga gang
Thanks to all participants at Charity Yoga 2013


23 NOV 2013: Robyn Hair Re-Styling

Finally, Robyn decided courageously to try short hair style.

\We went to a hairstylist at Ten Mile Junction.

We like her new look.

Robyn in long hair
Robyn in short hair


24 NOV 2013: Talento XI Guitar Ensemble Performance

Talento XI was the annual concert organized by Edvox Music School to allow its music students to perform live at the Singapore Conference Hall.

It was Robyn's debut guitar ensemble performance on the big stage.

Talento XI Concert at S'pore Conference Hall

Robyn the guitarist
Robyn plays the Camacho guitar
Guitar Ensemble
Crystaline and Robyn
Young guitarists Crystalyn and Robyn

Robyn with her Camacho guitar

She plays the Camacho handmade flamenco guitar that Alvin bought way back in 1987 from Mr Camacho himself in Madrid.

Alvin, Robyn and Jin
We are so proud of you, Robyn


30 NOV 2013: Youth Model ASEAN Conference, Singapore Poly

Alvin was invited by Singapore Poly to share entrepreneurial and social enterprise experiences and insights with poly students as part of the YMAC 2013. It was a delightful morning as the 50 students were enthusiastic and eager learners.
Alvin sharing his social enterprise experience with poly students
Alvin sharing entrepreneur experience with poly students.
Philip Kwek, Jack and Alvin
Panel speakers Philip Kwek, Alvin and Jack Lin.



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