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15th Year: 2013
- NJC 1984 Himalayan Expedition Gathering

- I Am Gifted, Me&Dad Camp, Univeral Studio Singapore, Rock Climbing at Camp5 in KL

- Racial Harmony Day @ Unity Secondary School
Family Picnic @ Botanic Gardens

- Skateboarding, Visiting Liz Poey, Living the Agreements retreat with Don Miguel Ruiz at Teotihuacan, Mexico

- The Piano Guys, Unity PSG BBQ, SAFRA Social Enterprise Festival

- Robyn turns Hardy 15, Liz Poey's wake
- Mama Dryclean, Robyn's first guitar ensemble performance at S'pore Conference Hall, ICE Challenge, Charity Yoga

- White Christmas Ski Holiday at Changbaishan Ski Resort, China


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1-2 MAY 2013: Guruji in Singapore

Guruji in Singapore

Guruji's gave a talk "Secrets to Happiness" at the Kallang Theatre on 1 May 2013.

Guruji in Singapore

Guruji conducted a Maha Kriya at the Shangri-la Hotel on 2 May 2013. Jin and Alvin attended both.

5 MAY 2013: NJC Himalayan Expedition 1984 Gang Gathering

NJC teachers and students who embarked on the Nepal expedition in 1984

The older and younger Yongs


5 MAY 2013: Dinner with Grandparents

Dinner with the Tais


26 MAY 2013: Dawn Yoga @ Hindhede

Yoga with Kym

Yoga @ Hindhede

Yoga with teacher Kym at the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, every Sunday at dawn. Jin and Alvin have been at it for the past 8 years.



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