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15th Year: 2013
- NJC 1984 Himalayan Expedition Gathering

- I Am Gifted, Me&Dad Camp, Univeral Studio Singapore, Rock Climbing at Camp5 in KL

- Racial Harmony Day @ Unity Secondary School
Family Picnic @ Botanic Gardens

- Skateboarding, Visiting Liz Poey, Living the Agreements retreat with Don Miguel Ruiz at Teotihuacan, Mexico

- The Piano Guys, Unity PSG BBQ, SAFRA Social Enterprise Festival

- Robyn turns Hardy 15, Liz Poey's wake
- Mama Dryclean, Robyn's first guitar ensemble performance at S'pore Conference Hall, ICE Challenge, Charity Yoga

- White Christmas Ski Holiday at Changbaishan Ski Resort, China


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1 FEB 2013: Unity Secondary School Parent Support Group

Unity Sec PSG Exco 2013

At the first PSG meeting held for 2013, Alvin was elected the Chairman of the PSG in Unity Secondary School. It will be wonderful to serve fellow parents and support the school management and teachers in the education of Robyn and her fellow friends.


9 FEB 2013: Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner @ Eunos

Reunion Dinner is an annual tradition of the Tais. Usually steam boat with Korean BBQ. Always yummy!

Over the years, as the kids grow, it gets squeezier but the coziness is nice.


> Brenda and Robyn expending energy from overeating.

Robyn and Brenda


10 FEB 2013: Gong Xi Fa Cai, Year of the Snake

Aunt Fong

It's the new year of the Sanke. Another good year for success, growth and happiness.

We went for our usual route of CNY visiting and renew our friendship, update/exchange stories with relatives. And Robyn happily pocketed all the ang-baos...

1. Aunt Fong
2. Same age cousin, diff height.
3. Vernice and Robyn

same age, different height...
Vernice and Robyn


11 FEB 2013: CNY Makan at Anne Choo's

Thanks to Anne, we all enjoyed a wonderful round of friendship and CNY makan at her place.


> Robyn and Jin with Anne and her Porsche.

Robyn, Anne and Jin


16 FEB 2013: Alvin's Birthday Celebration

The Yongs at SAF Yacht Club

Alvin turns 47. The Yongs celebrated over dinner at the SAF Yacht Club at Sembawang.

Birthday eggs

Let's drink to good health

> Younger and younger by the year, thanks to Celergen!

Alvin turns 47 years young

Robyn and Alvin

Birthday gift from Robyn and Jin: massage vouchers!

> Amusement driving fun with Aunt Janet.

Amusement driving fun with Aunt Janet

Eat, eat, eat

Jin and Susan



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