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15th Year: 2013
- NJC 1984 Himalayan Expedition Gathering

- I Am Gifted, Me&Dad Camp, Univeral Studio Singapore, Rock Climbing at Camp5 in KL

- Racial Harmony Day @ Unity Secondary School
Family Picnic @ Botanic Gardens

- Skateboarding, Visiting Liz Poey, Living the Agreements retreat with Don Miguel Ruiz at Teotihuacan, Mexico

- The Piano Guys, Unity PSG BBQ, SAFRA Social Enterprise Festival

- Robyn turns Hardy 15, Liz Poey's wake
- Mama Dryclean, Robyn's first guitar ensemble performance at S'pore Conference Hall, ICE Challenge, Charity Yoga

- White Christmas Ski Holiday at Changbaishan Ski Resort, China


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8-11 JUN 2013: Robyn Attends "I Am Gifted" Program

Robyn and Jin

This June school holiday, Robyn attended Adam Khoo's "I Am Gifted" program. She learnt about discipline and courage to breakthrough challenges, and set her goal to become a professional female soccer player!

Breakthrough all fears!

Robyn approaches her fear with courage

Fears either break you down or build you up. Choice is yours. When we take courage to face fears and break through them, they become a blessing to help us expand and grow to a higher level.

Best Team award
Robyn's team won the Best Team Award.

Best Team
The winning team with their gold medals!
Robyn and Jin Alvin and Robyn


Memo by Robyn
A little note we found one morning...


15-16 JUN 2013: Me & Dad Camp @ SAFRA Yishun

Me & Dad Camp is a yearly Dads For Life program organized by SAFRA Yishun for father-child to enjoy bonding fun together. This year, 8 pairs of daddy-child from the Unity Secondary Parent Support Group joined in the fun.

Big thanks to Safra Yishun.

Me & Dad Camp @ Safra Yishun

Drumming to a one common heart beat

Robyn and Alvin had a wonderful time drumming, shooting archery, making ice cream, bowling and camping out in the tennise court together on this overnight camp.

There were over a hundred fathers and kids at this fun-filled overnight camp.

DIY icea cream
Robyn at archery
Robyn's first experience in archery.
Making vanilla ice cream together
Enjoying making our own vanilla ice cream.
Camping at the tennise courts
Overnight camping at the tennis courts.
Daddies and children from Unity Secondary PSG
Unity Secondary PSG: daddies and kids.


16 JUN 2013: Live Soccer Match @ Queenstown Stadium

Robyn loves to play soccer and is one of 2 girls who kick balls almost every afternoon in Unity Secondary School.

Since Robyn has the aspiration to be a pro woman soccer player, so daddy and daughter went to watch their first live soccer match at Quennstown Stadium. Brunei DPMM won 5:2 against Tanjung Pagar.

Robyn at Queenstown Stadium

Robyn's first live soccer match. Alvin's too.
Brunei DPMM won 5:2 against Tanjung Pagar



17 JUN 2013: Fun @ Universal Studio Singapore

Universal Studio Singapore

What a lovely day of fun at Universal Studio Singapore. It was Alvin's and Jin's first visit. Since Robyn has been here 3 times before, she was our guide, and a great one.

Universal Studio Singapore

Jin, Alvin and Robyn

Dunno which ride...

Robyn and the dino
Our fav must be the Battlestar Galactica: Human vs Cylon. We rode twice each, and especially enjoyed the leg hanging thrill of the Cylon.
Cylon, our fav


24-25 JUN 2013: Rock Climbing @ Camp5 in KL

Rock climbing at Camp 5 in KL

Camp5 at One Utama Shopping Centre in KL is the largest indoor rock climbing centre in S.E. Asia. Alvin has climbed there twice and thoroughly enjoyed it.

So we drove up to KL, checked in to One World Hotel, climbed the entire afternoon and evening at Camp5, then shopping. Robyn has never climbed so much and so well!

It was a great climbing holiday.

Awesome high wall at Camp 5!
Awesome route at Camp5!
Robyn the climber
Robyn overcoming a relief.
Climbing dad and daughter
Climbing dad and daughter.
Alvin belaying Robyn
Daddy belaying daughter.
Climb, Robyn, climb!
Climb, Robyn, climb!
Jin belaying Robyn
Mummy belaying daughter.
Climbing Art Photo 3
Climbing Art Photo 1
Climbing Art Photo 2
Climbing Art Photo 4



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