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11th Year: 2009
- Return to Tanjung Sutera, Year of the Ox
- Alvin turns 43 & The Art of Living Basic Course
- Jin's birthday, Good Friday Eco-Vacation at Tg Sutera
- Clay IN-SIGHT for the Visually Handicapped, Robyn's Kawai Piano & Brownie Chief Commissioner's Badge Award
- Bye-bye, Geylang Serai Shop
- Sunday Yoga
- Robyn, the Young Pianist
- Brownie Robyn
- Robyn's 11th Birthday
- Fighting Fish
- Adventures @ Krabi

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10 Oct 2009: Robyn's 11th Birthday

Robyn decided to celebrate her 11th birthday at home this year, and also to throw the home party a week in advance so kids could enjoy the party prior to high tension exam period in the following week. Robyn decorated the home with lots of balloons.

Alvin was away in Ipoh for another 'birthday party' - the avita Ipoh's 1st anniversary celebration.

Robyn's birthday cake

Robyn and her good friends

Robyn's DIY pinata
Robyn's DIY pinata


16 Oct 2009: Robyn's 11th Birthday

Robyn turns 11


Robyn and Heni

Robyn turns 11th officially today! Heni specially bought Robyn another birthday cake so we had another celebration. How sweet!


17 Oct 2009: Eugene's Birthday

Eugene's birthday

We celebrated Eugene's birthday at North Oak

Robyn and cousins

R: Birthday boy Eugene Kong and his brother Lucas Kong


Below: Robyn flying balloons; Skye Yong and Gaven Yong

Eugene Kong Lucas Kong
Robyn flying balloons Skye Yong Gaven Yong

Grandma, Gaven and Aunt Cylia

Grandma, Gaven and Aunt Cylia

Robyn flying balloons

Robyn flying balloons


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