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11th Year: 2009
- Return to Tanjung Sutera, Year of the Ox
- Alvin turns 43 & The Art of Living Basic Course
- Jin's birthday, Good Friday Eco-Vacation at Tg Sutera
- Clay IN-SIGHT for the Visually Handicapped, Robyn's Kawai Piano & Brownie Chief Commissioner's Badge Award
- Bye-bye, Geylang Serai Shop
- Sunday Yoga
- Robyn, the Young Pianist
- Brownie Robyn
- Robyn's 11th Birthday
- Fighting Fish
- Adventures @ Krabi

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13 Apr 2009: Clay IN-SIGHT - Pottery Art for the Visually Impaired at SAVH

Clay IN-SIGHT was an experimental voluntary project under Clay-Street that Alvin undertook to introduce clay art to the visually imapired (VIs) at the S'pore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH). Alvin wonders what visualisation or mental images a VI holds within his heart/mind and whether clay may be a medium through which a VI could creatively express himself/herself artistically.

Alvin teaching clay art the SAVH

Thankfully, a team of volunteers responded to the project and stepped forward to help guide the VIs in this interesting clay art workshop.

Adeline, a VI, elated over her clay creation

Volunteer Lakshmi helping VI Wendy

Volunteer Lakshmi helping VI Wendy

Kind volunteers at work

VIs, volunteers and SAVH staff.

Next clay workshop at SAVH: 18 May 2009.

Our wish: to hold a mini exhibition featuring clay creations by the VIs before Christmas 2009.

Clay art workshop participants at SAVH


24 Apr 2009: Aspiring Pianist

Robyn the little pianist

Robyn and her Kawai piano

Robyn bought a Kawai piano on 28 Mar 2009 from Robert Piano. Thanks to Auntie Pak Yen for helping to select this beautiful piano. To enjoy Robyn's free piano concerts, given daily at irregular hours, just loiter around CCK. Robyn learns from Ms Lynn Chan at Choa Chu Kang.



25 Apr 2009: Chief Commissioner's Badge Award

Robyn, Ranxuan and Tasha

Robyn, Ranxuan and Tasha The 3 best friends - Robyn, Ranxuan and Tasha - were among the 5 Brownies from De Lasalle School to be awarded the Chief Commissioner's Badge Award in 2009.

The Chief Commissioner's Badge is the highest award for Brownies at primary school level. Well done, girls!

Robyn and the Chief Commissioner

Robyn and the Chief Commissioner

Brownies from De Lasalle School

Brownies from De Lasalle School

Chief Commissioner's Brownies Robyn, Tasha and Ranxuan.

Always be prepared, do good and be the light you wish to see.

Like dad, like daughter. Alvin was a scout and venture scout with the Golden Arrow 1501 Scout Troop of Victoria School from 1979-1982.

Brownies Robyn, Tasha and Ranxuan


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