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11th Year: 2009
- Return to Tanjung Sutera, Year of the Ox
- Alvin turns 43 & The Art of Living Basic Course
- Jin's birthday, Good Friday Eco-Vacation at Tg Sutera
- Clay IN-SIGHT for the Visually Handicapped, Robyn's Kawai Piano & Brownie Chief Commissioner's Badge Award
- Bye-bye, Geylang Serai Shop
- Sunday Yoga
- Robyn, the Young Pianist
- Brownie Robyn
- Robyn's 11th Birthday
- Fighting Fish
- Adventures @ Krabi

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8 Mar 2009: Celebrating Jin's and Janet's Birthdays

Birthday cake for Jin and Janet

It's birthday celebration time for both Mummy Jin and Auntie Janet at Grandparents' Jurong East home.

Birthday girls Janet and Jin


10-11 Apr 2009: Eco-Vacation Over Good Friday at Tanjung Sutera

Coconut tree climbing

Alvin organized a special family-oriented Eco-Vacation at Tanjung Sutera Nature Resort over Good Friday.

This trip was the first of the new Eco-Vacation Experiential Series under Stone Edge Experiential as part of our effort to help raise the eco-consciousness amongst fellow human beings.

Alvin climbing the coconut tree

We've seen how man and monkey climb coconut trees. Here, we actually experienced climbing one and we also learnt how to open up a coconut using a parang. Alvin and Jin devised a safe belay system based on rock climbing to allow anyone to try this kampong climbing art without any danger.

< Alvin climbing up like a monkey

Jin belaying a climber >

Jin belaying a coconut tree climber

Jin climbing the coconut tree

Jin climbing the coconut tree

Joey Tai and coconut

Joey Tai holding a freshly fell coconut. The juice was simply refreshing.

Kids in pool

The kids enjoying a fabulous time in the pool.

Sunrise over South China Sea

Breath-taking sunrise over the South China Sea.

Jin the yoga teacher

Jin the yoga teacher



We started the 2nd day with a dawn yoga led by Jin.

Eco-Guide Joe Lai

Uncle Joe Lai is an expert botanist and nature guide. He led us on an educational tour of the rocky shore and showed us many variety of plants, marine life and taught us about ecology, the ocean and the rocks. He also taught us about the importance of nature conservation.

We must all do our parts to help save Mother Earth and make good the vast range of damages human has inflicted upon our environment.

Brenda, Robyn, Joey and Denise

Brenda, Robyn, Joey and Denise

Outdoor classroom at the shoreline

Outdoor classroom at the shoreline

The 6 families that enjoyed a memorable Eco-Vacation over Good Friday 2009.
The 6 families that enjoyed a memorable Eco-Vacation over Good Friday 2009.
The Yongs at Tg Sutera

Coconut tree climbing The Yongs - Robyn, Alvin and Jin - by the South China Sea.

The consciousness in every soul is as vast and infinite as the ocean and the sky. We simply need to remember and evolve.


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