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11th Year: 2009
- Return to Tanjung Sutera, Year of the Ox
- Alvin turns 43 & The Art of Living Basic Course
- Jin's birthday, Good Friday Eco-Vacation at Tg Sutera
- Clay IN-SIGHT for the Visually Handicapped, Robyn's Kawai Piano & Brownie Chief Commissioner's Badge Award
- Bye-bye, Geylang Serai Shop
- Sunday Yoga
- Robyn, the Young Pianist
- Brownie Robyn
- Robyn's 11th Birthday
- Fighting Fish
- Adventures @ Krabi

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3 May 2009: Closing of Grandpa's Provision Shop... After 4 Decades

After almost 40 years of operation, Grandpa and Grandma finally decide to close shop. This had been the business that sustained the family and earned the school fee to see Mummy Jin through her NTU education. We helped to pack up, clear up and we 'looted' some stuff too! Daddy helped to send some of the bulk goods orders to some customers using our spaceious CRV. Last day for the shop: 5 May 2009.
Shophouse at Geylang Serai

We shall always have fond memories of this place, situated at the back portion of the Geylang Serai Malay Cultural Village.

Here, we sat around, chatted and enjoyed coffee/tea during our weekend visits to the shop that opened 7 days a week. This was where we enjoyed Chinese New Year reunion dinners since the shop re-located from across the street in Nov 2005.

Jin in the half-emptied provision shop

Jeffrey and Jojo

Uncle Jeffrey and Aunt Jojo

R: It's a pity that Grandma will have to leave behind her private garden and all the potted plants that she has been nurturing for so long.

Below: Where we always sat and chatted, and did the kampong style cooking...

Grandy's plant nursery

Grandpa, Jin and Robyn

Happy family


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