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10th Year: 2008
- Yoga Start to 2008 & Spring Cleaning for the Elderly
- Today's Parents Magazine featured Daddy Alvin
- MyPaper Newspaper featured Daddy Alvin
- Plant-in-a-Box
- Bowling Fun & The Art of Living Kids' Yoga
- ART Excel Course
- Chiang Rai: Planting Rice at Tigerland Rice Farm

- Night Safari & Night Festival at the Singapore Museum
- Avita's 1st Anniversary Celebration
- Malaysia: Mellisa's Wedding in Bangi
- Robyn's 10th Birthday Celebration @ Bollywood Veggies Farm
- Clay-Street Pottery Studio Openhouse & Team Bonding
- Chiang Rai: Harvesting Rice at Tigerland Rice Farm
- New Gate Colours & Tour Guiding at HortPark & the Esplanade

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8 Nov 2008: Polymer Clay Workshop at De La Salle School

Polymer clay workshop at De La Salle School

De La Salle is a great school that takes care of its parent volunteers.

On this Saturday morning, the school organized a Polymer Clay Workshop for parent volunteers and their children.

Parents and kids worked together, guided by a polymer clay instructor, to create colourful fridge magnets in the form of a cute looking snail.

Robyn with teacher and VP Ms Ng Siew Choo

Robyn with teacher and VP Ms Ng Siew Choo.

Robyn and her clay creation

Robyn admiring the snail body that she made.


9 Nov 2008: Clay-Street Pottery Studio Openhouse

Theingi, Jin, Mr Chew and Alvin

It was a happy, busy, crowded and gainful day at our Clay-Street Pottery Studio Openhouse from 2pm to 6pm. Adults, kids, families, friends... came and enjoyed hands-on experience with paperclay.


L: Theingi, Jin, Mr Chew Seow Phuang and Alvin

Clay-Street Openhouse

Leonor, Elynn, Robyn, Alvin, Jin, Claudia

Kids enjoying paperclay creations

Happy children returning home with paperclay art works that they made.


Claudia Tay, Loh Chor Boon, Robyn Yong, Leonor Tay and Hilson Tay

Little clay artists: Claudia Tay, Loh Chor Boon, Robyn Yong, Leonor Tay and Hilson Tay.

Hwee Koon and Jin

Old friends - Hwee Koon and Jin.


14 Nov 2008: HSA Team Bonding Day

Robyn was the force behind Daddy Alvin's team bonding program

Daddy Alvin designed and led a highly innovative 1-day team bonding for Health Sciences Authority (HSA) under his passion business arm Stone Edge Experiential.

Robyn served as Alvin's right-hand girl (a.k.a. Chief of Staff) cum photographer for the day.

Robyn helping out at the SAVH (Singapore Association for the Visually Handicapped) to allow the HSA teams to experience what it was like to dine without the sense of sight. It was an unforgettable experience for everyone, including Robyn.

Robyn helping out at SAVH

Robyn havng fun with domino

Robyn joined in the Domino fun and helped one of the teams to create an impressive domino display.

Other times, Robyn took over the digital SLR camera and shot the teams in action.

Click for more HSA team bonding pictures

Robyn supporting a team in the domino game

Alvin, Elynn, Joanna, Theingi, Robyn, Anthony, Traceson, Joey
Alvin and his solid Stone Edge Facilitators: Elynn Sge, Joanna Cheng, Theingi Soe, Robyn, Anthony Wong, Traceson Tay and Joey Tan.


16-22 Nov 2008: Rice Harvesting Experience in Chiang Rai


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