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10th Year: 2008
- Yoga Start to 2008 & Spring Cleaning for the Elderly
- Today's Parents Magazine featured Daddy Alvin
- MyPaper Newspaper featured Daddy Alvin
- Plant-in-a-Box
- Bowling Fun & The Art of Living Kids' Yoga
- ART Excel Course
- Chiang Rai: Planting Rice at Tigerland Rice Farm

- Night Safari & Night Festival at the Singapore Museum
- Avita's 1st Anniversary Celebration
- Malaysia: Mellisa's Wedding in Bangi
- Robyn's 10th Birthday Celebration @ Bollywood Veggies Farm
- Clay-Street Pottery Studio Openhouse & Team Bonding
- Chiang Rai: Harvesting Rice at Tigerland Rice Farm
- New Gate Colours & Tour Guiding at HortPark & the Esplanade

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1 Mar 2008: Alvin in the News with MyPaper Newspaper

MyPaper interview Alvin on entrepreneurship

Alvin Yong was interviewed by MyPaper on his entrepreneurial venture - Stone Edge Experiential - and how he evolved it into a hobby business in designing and building rock climbing walls and providing consultancy on corporate team bonding and empowering experience design.

The interview appeared in MyPaper newspaper on 1 Mar 2008.

Click to download the feature article in pdf


A quick introduction on Stone Edge Experiential:

Stone Edge Experiential

CSR Experiential Design   Offers unique and meaningful Corporate Social Responsibility programs to help match corporation's good CSR intent with purposeful and impactful programs to bring good to the community.
Team Building   Innovative team bonding programs to achieve enhanced bonding, appreciation and communications amongst management-staff or parents-children or teachers-students.
Eco-Vacation   Unique eco-vacation programs that combine fun, relaxation and ecologically enriching learning.
Outdoor Education   Offers funa nd interactive experiences to bring about better appreciation and love for Mother Nature.
Climbing Wall Design   Offers consultancy on climbing wall/structure design and build.



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