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10th Year: 2008
- Yoga Start to 2008 & Spring Cleaning for the Elderly
- Today's Parents Magazine featured Daddy Alvin
- MyPaper Newspaper featured Daddy Alvin
- Plant-in-a-Box
- Bowling Fun & The Art of Living Kids' Yoga
- ART Excel Course
- Chiang Rai: Planting Rice at Tigerland Rice Farm

- Night Safari & Night Festival at the Singapore Museum
- Avita's 1st Anniversary Celebration
- Malaysia: Mellisa's Wedding in Bangi
- Robyn's 10th Birthday Celebration @ Bollywood Veggies Farm
- Clay-Street Pottery Studio Openhouse & Team Bonding
- Chiang Rai: Harvesting Rice at Tigerland Rice Farm
- New Gate Colours & Tour Guiding at HortPark & the Esplanade

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6 Jul 2008: Night Safari Walkabout

Jin, Robyn, Ranxuan and Alvin at the Night Safari

We went on a nocturnal adventure at the Night Safari and invited Ranxuan to join us.

It's been a while since we last came to say hello to these beloved animals and we were pleased that they are all in good shapes and spirit.

We walked the entire park and saw leopards, giraffes, different kinds of deers, fishing cats, and upside-down hanging bats.


R: Heni, Robyn, Ranxuan, Jin and Alvin

Heni, Robyn, Ranxuan, Jin and Alvin


19 Jul 2008: Cultural Night at De La Salle School

DLS students and their families were invited to school to appreciate and enjoy the different cultures that we have in Singapore.

Parent volunteers ran traditional games like 5 stones, chatek and carrom, arts like sari-tying, ketupat weaving, Chinese painting and Chinese knot-tying, and even Filipino Tinikling (bamboo dance).

Robyn trying out Chinese painting
Student dancers

Parent Volunteers Alvin and Jin gave self-healing tips to parents based on Meridian 101 Acupressure as part of the Chinese cultural tradition.

More stories and pictures at De La Salle Parent Support Group Blog.


25 Jul 2008: Night Fesitval at the Singapore Museum

It was a fantastic display of lights as a form of art at the Night Festival. The Singapore Museum buildings were brightly dressed up with light projection.

There was free admission to the museum so we toured the entire place and learnt about the past history, fashion and items used many decades ago in Singapore.

Night Fest at Singapore Museum
The 3-generation Yongs The Yongs

Robyn Yong in the Singapore Museum

Robyn in museum

Playful shadow of Alvin and Robyn

Daddy Alvin experimented with artistic photography like these ones...

Robyn is becoming skilled at operating the Fuji Finepix S9500 digital camera, and took many shots of the light art from different perspectives.
Alvin and Jin


31 Jul 2008: De La Salle P4 Learning Journey

This particular Learning Journey took the DLS P4 students on an art and sculpture tour in the city. Robyn got Daddy Alvin to go along as a parent volunteer cum photographer.

DLS at the Esplanade

DLS at Suntec

Enjoying a discussion about this art installation known at Abundance III by Sun Yu Li located outside the Suntec Convention Centre.


Robyn and Shannon

L: Robyn and Shannon

R: Robyn blending in with one of the pop art sculptures from the Six Brushstrokes series by Roy Lichtenstein located at the Millenia Walk.

Robyn at Millenia Walk



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