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10th Year: 2008
- Yoga Start to 2008 & Spring Cleaning for the Elderly
- Today's Parents Magazine featured Daddy Alvin
- MyPaper Newspaper featured Daddy Alvin
- Plant-in-a-Box
- Bowling Fun & The Art of Living Kids' Yoga
- ART Excel Course
- Chiang Rai: Planting Rice at Tigerland Rice Farm

- Night Safari & Night Festival at the Singapore Museum
- Avita's 1st Anniversary Celebration
- Malaysia: Mellisa's Wedding in Bangi
- Robyn's 10th Birthday Celebration @ Bollywood Veggies Farm
- Clay-Street Pottery Studio Openhouse & Team Bonding
- Chiang Rai: Harvesting Rice at Tigerland Rice Farm
- New Gate Colours & Tour Guiding at HortPark & the Esplanade

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5 Feb 2008: Today's Parents "Parenting ROCKS"

Today's Parents writes about Alvin, Jin and Robyn

In the Feb 08 issue of Today's Parents magazine...

"Our father of the month is Alvin Yong. Profiled in Parenting Rocks, this dynamic father makes a positive impact on all he meets. Armed with a strong desire to make a difference, he aims to inject his daughter with a sense of adventure and generosity. His advice to parents: Know yourself first as that is the foundation of being a better parent."

Parenting ROCKS is on page 68-69


"Becoming a good parent starts with self-knowledge, affirms Alvin Yong. The new-generation father shares his out of the box parenting style with Laura Ho."

Click to read full article in pdf format

It was on 7 Jan when Alvin met with writer Laura Ho and editor Sunuja Naidu of Today's Parents at the Avita Lounge to talk about new age parenting. We are pleased to be able to contribute an idea or two to share with the readers of the magazine, and sincerely hope that our stories will inspire more interesting parenting adventures to shape an enlightened generation of children.

Parenting Rocks


7 Feb 2008: Chinese New Year Gong Xi Gong Xi

Robyn Yong

Jin, Robyn and Alvin in pink

It's ang bao collection time again and Robyn's all dressed up to welcome the Year of the Rat. This new dress was a gift from Daddy Alvin who bought it a week ago at Guangzhou, China.

Top R: Jin, Robyn and Alvin, all in pink for a loving and rosy year of the Rat.

R: The Yongs at Jurong East

The Yongs at Jurong East


Denise, Joey, Robyn and Brenda, at the Geylang Serai provision shop.

Denise, Joey, Robyn and Brenda

Denise, Brenda, Robyn and Joey


9 Feb 2008: An Evening Stroll @ Botanic Gardens

The Singapore Botanic Gardens is one of the most wonderful places in Singapore. I'd visited this garden on countless ocassions and there seems no end to the number of amazing discoveries that await us. Robyn also learnt on this trip that this was where Alvin and Jin took their wedding pictures on 1 Jan 1994. Cool!

Robyn Yong on tree

Heni, Mummy Jin, Robyn and Daddy Alvin

Heni, Jin, Robyn and Alvin

Cheeky-faced Robyn

Cheeky-faced Robyn

R: Robyn and Heni

Robyn and Heni


17 Feb 2008: Daddy Alvin's Birthday @ The Legends

Happy Birthday, Daddy Alvin.

We celebrated Alvin's birthday at The Legends along with a lo-hei lunch, followed by a family karaoke session. The Legends also gave the birthday boy a complimentary birthday cake and a bottle of wine!

Alvin, Robyn and Jin

Jin and Robyn singing karakoe
We had so much fun singing and dancing...
Grandpa and Grandma dancing to our song
Robyn Yong
Eugene Kong
Lucas Kong
Skye Yong







Janet Yong
Kong Kwok Lum
Melvin Yong
Cylia Xia
Happy Birthday to Alvin... another year wiser...
The YOngs at The Legends


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