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10th Year: 2008
- Yoga Start to 2008 & Spring Cleaning for the Elderly
- Today's Parents Magazine featured Daddy Alvin
- MyPaper Newspaper featured Daddy Alvin
- Plant-in-a-Box
- Bowling Fun & The Art of Living Kids' Yoga
- ART Excel Course
- Chiang Rai: Planting Rice at Tigerland Rice Farm

- Night Safari & Night Festival at the Singapore Museum
- Avita's 1st Anniversary Celebration
- Malaysia: Mellisa's Wedding in Bangi
- Robyn's 10th Birthday Celebration @ Bollywood Veggies Farm
- Clay-Street Pottery Studio Openhouse & Team Bonding
- Chiang Rai: Harvesting Rice at Tigerland Rice Farm
- New Gate Colours & Tour Guiding at HortPark & the Esplanade

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5-7 Sep 2008: Mellisa's Wedding at Bangi, Malaysia

Robyn's cousin, Mellisa Low, gave us a good reason to drive up to Bangi - it was her wedding!

Daddy Alvin drove his CRV and packed Grandpa, Grandma, Grandaunt, Uncle Melvin, Skye and I in. It was a leisure drive and we lunched at Yong Peng town.

Skye and Robyn

More Yongs

We stayed at Aunt Foong's (mom of cousin Mellisa) home again, the same huge house that we stayed during our last visit there on 15-16 Mar 2007

Skye, Robyn and Uncle Seng

This is Uncle Seng, Mellisa's daddy. He gave Skye and me a little ride home after our morning breakfast at a nearby old coffee shop.

Alvin and Robyn

We were among 600 guests at Mellisa's wedding at a restaurant at Nilai.

Mellisa and Ping Quan are a wonderfully cheerful and sunshine couple. Robyn took nice pictures of the bride and groom. Theirs is a huge family and Mellisa has 5 younger sisters!

Mellisa and Ping Quan
Mellisa and Ping Quan and their families

Yongs 1

Front: Uncle Melvin, Skye, Grandpa, Grabdpa, Grandaunts, Granduncle. Back: Uncle Seng, Ping Quan, Mellisa, Aunt Foong, Daddy Alvin.

Yongs 2

Front: Aunt Lian and hubby. Back: Aunt Ying, Aunt Xiang, cousin Hui, Uncle Seng, cousin Li Juan, Ping Quan, Mellisa, son of Aunt Lian and daughter-in-law of Aunt Ying.

Front: Aunt Fook, Aunt Lan, Uncle and Aunt Tai, cousins Liang Han and Liang Ming.

Back: Uncle Lan, Uncle Seng, Aunt Foong, Ping Quan, Mellisa, Uncle Fook and his kids.

Yongs 3


13 Sep 2008: It's Lantern Time @ Mid-Autumn Festival

Robyn with her latern

Miss Yong and her latern.

Mrs and Ms Yongs

Mrs Yong, Mrs Yong, Mrs Yong and Ms Yong.



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