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14th Year: 2012
- Seva Talk at RI

- Stacks in S'pore & Partner Yoga

- Racial Harmony Day at Unity Secondary School

- AOL Adv Course & Grandpa's Gifts

- Family Gathering & Yuki's Wedding in KL

- Tribal School Project, Jharkhand, India
- Children's Garden Home, Nairobi, Kenya
- Shooting Wildlife in Masai Mara Reserve, Kenya
- Rock Climbing at Safra Yishun

- Skiing at Secret Garden + Great Wall of China


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Seva 2012 in India & Kenya

16-17 OCT 2012: Shooting Wildlife in Masai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya

Our safari van

Thanks to Devna for the best safari arrangement.

Ndigirigi and Anne Choo

We have the best safari guide Ndigirigi.

Ol Moran Campsite

We stayed at the Ol Moran Campsite. Nice place, good food. In particular, we enjoyed the hot shower there as we had been deprived of that for many days...

We met Marc and Jeanne at Ol Moran

At Lo Moran, we bumped into Marc and Jeanne, whom I met on my first day at CGH. They were medical volunteers with the Divinity Foundation.


Millions of migratory wildebeest have already crossed over back to the Serengeti in Tanzania. Those we met were holding Kenya passports.

Little Fingy's business plan

A majestically handsome eland strolling along leisurely with birds riding, resting and feeding happily on its back. So nice a sight!

Thomson Gazelle

When Thomson Gazelle runs, it almost flies through the air in a most graceful manner.


Zebra never fails to amaze me with that distinctive black and white pattern that looks most unreal!


One elephant, began to dance...


A family of giraffe at sunrise.


Leopard - one of the most difficult to spot Big 5.


Buffalo - one of the Big 5 in Masai Mara.

Wanna mate?

A rare chance to witness the mating of a lion and a lioness. The male waited patiently for the female to be on heat and signal the go-ahead.

Let's mate!

The lioness led the way, the lion mounted, and the whole mating process took less than 2 minutes and then it was over. 9 months later, a cub will be born!


Three lionesses walked right towards and pass our safari van. So cool!

Kawangware slum

One lion was trailing the lionesses, apparently not part of their family.


The lion was keen to make contact with the lionesses and pursued one tirelessly for miles.

Lioness on a rock

The lionesses were not interested and one went hiding up on a rock outcrop.

Lioness with a bloody mouth

Later, we met one lioness with bloody mouth, apparently just had its fresh breakfast.


When it met face to face with its sister, they exchange greeting and then strolled off together.


Not far from where we chanced upon the bloody mouth lioness, we saw its leftover breakfast being feasted upon by a flock of vulture. The blood stain was thick in the air.


While the mighty lions are kings of the jungle and extremely strong and fiercesome, they are scare of only one thing - the Masai!


Ndigirigi brought us to experience choma, a local delicacy, while enroute back to CGH.

Choma being roasted

This is how choma (goat meat) is being roasted over red hot charcoal.

Hyena Masai Giraffe
Masai Lioness Masai


On 26 Oct, Alvin returned home to Singapore. It was a record transit for him at Mumbai airport for 20 hours!


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