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14th Year: 2012
- Seva Talk at RI

- Stacks in S'pore & Partner Yoga

- Racial Harmony Day at Unity Secondary School

- AOL Adv Course & Grandpa's Gifts

- Family Gathering & Yuki's Wedding in KL

- Tribal School Project, Jharkhand, India
- Children's Garden Home, Nairobi, Kenya
- Shooting Wildlife in Masai Mara Reserve, Kenya
- Rock Climbing at Safra Yishun

- Skiing at Secret Garden + Great Wall of China


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1-3 JUL 2012: Retreat at Tanjung Sutera Resort

Alvin took Wai Teng, Theingi and KeSiang to Tanjung Sutera Resort for a restful 2-day retreat after our Scent'al Leaders' Meeting.

We had the entire resort to ourselves. We also had the entire South China Sea and the horizon to ourselves too.

Pancake breakfast by the ocean

Breakfast by the ocean.

> At the dinosaur rocky beach.

Climbing the rocky rock
Sunrise yoga

Sunrise over South China Sea

Sunrise over the South China Sea.

< Dawn yoga


8 JUL 2012: Sunday Chef Robyn

Chef Robyn in action

Every Sunday, Robyn becomes a chef and prepares dinner for the family.

Jin and Alvin count themselves as the luckiest parents on earth!

Chef Robyn and Jin

17 JUL 2012: Racial Harmony Day in Unity Secondary School

Today's Racial Harmony Day and the Parent Support Group (PSG) has prepared a variety of lunch offerings for sale to students and teachers at Unity Secondary School.

It was wonderful to have many parents prepared homecooked food and served to the children.

Alvin, Robyn, Winnie and
Principal, parent and teacher
Principal, parent and teacher working together.
Yummy egg for lunch
A yummy egg for lunch?
Happy customer
Happy student customer.
Teachers also supported warmly
Happy teacher customers.
Long queue for chicken curry
Chicken curry was the most popular store.
Robyn and pals
Robyn and friends.
Robyn and friends
Robyn and gang.
Robyn and grandpa and pals
Robyn, Grandpa and friends.
Counting money time...
Money counting time... all smile!
Unity Sec Parent Support Group
Happy members of the PSG.

31 JUL 2012: SEED Social Enterprise Conference

SEED Conference

Athirah, Nicole and Marc were the pioneer batch of social entrepreneurship interns with during the month of July and supported the development of brochure and Facebook Page for See-No-Clay. Lee Yi Jie is Director (BD) for SEED, a student-run outfit in NUS that promotes social entrepreneurship.

So proud that our Visually Impaired Artist Ben Wong was commissioned to handcraft 10 pieces of token of appreciation for the SEED Conference, one of which was given to Minister of State for Education, Lawrence Wong.




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