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14th Year: 2012
- Seva Talk at RI

- Stacks in S'pore & Partner Yoga

- Racial Harmony Day at Unity Secondary School

- AOL Adv Course & Grandpa's Gifts

- Family Gathering & Yuki's Wedding in KL

- Tribal School Project, Jharkhand, India
- Children's Garden Home, Nairobi, Kenya
- Shooting Wildlife in Masai Mara Reserve, Kenya
- Rock Climbing at Safra Yishun

- Skiing at Secret Garden + Great Wall of China


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5 APR 2012: Girl's Brigade Enrolment Service

Robyn is now officially in the Girl's Brigade through the Enrolment Service which was held at the Church of Singapore.

Robyn the GB

Robyn in GB uniform
Robyn and her GB friends Jin, Robyn and Alvin

6 APR 2012: Charity Walk with Elizabeth Poey

Elizabeth Poey, the ex-NJC teacher who got Alvin to be part of the first NJC Himalayan Expedition Team, is responsible for his love for the mountain, and is an inspiration to all who know her. This walk was to celebrate Miss Poey's 60th birthday so she decided to walk 60km to raise fund for SPCA and S'pore Cancer Foundation. We walked from her home at Rifle Range Road to the Rail Mall and back. It was a nice gathering of old friends from the Himalayan gang and NJC.
Elizabeth Poey, our inspiration

< Liz is an inspiration and a giant in the eye of everyone who knows her.

Christopher, Liz, Angie, Alvin and Vivienne
Christopher, Liz, Angela, Alvin & Vivienne.


6 APR 2012: Qing Ming Family Outing

Prayer at Bright Hill Temple
We performed our annual paying of respect to our ancestors at Bright Hill Temple.
Family lunch at Sembawang
On Jin's recommendation, we went to Sembawang for tasty white mee hoon lunch.

Melvin, Skye and Gaven
Father and sons...

Grandma and Grandpa
Grandma and Grandpa...


8 APR 2012: Ear Piercing Operation, Finally

Ear piercing gun
Looks like the weapon of an assassin.
Punch, punch, left and right!
Ear ring is on!
Done, the ear ring is through and on!
Happy Robyn with ear rings
Happy Robyn.

21 APR 2012: Humaneity INSPIRES Event at INSEAD

Alvin was invited as one of 20 inspirational speakers at the inaugural Humaneity INSPIRES event held at INSEAD Singapore on 21 Apr 2012. He shared our Seva 2011 experience of supporting Children's Garden Home with self-help and sustainability projects based on the concept of social entrepreneurship. We are immensely grateful to Mark Philpott, founder of Humaneity, for providing the opportunity to share our social cause with so many people. Also, we got to befriend a whole gang of highly inspirational fellow human beings who are making this world a better place in their own ways and fashions. Click here to download Alvin's speech.

Alvin spoke about uplifting African children through social entrepreneur projects for sustainability
Alvin spoke passionately about Seva 2011.
Alvin being interviewed prior to start of the event
Alvin in his Kenyan attire.

Thanks, Michelle, for the memento.
Group photo of all the speakers and organizers.
Group photo of all speakers and organizers.
Alvin being interviewed prior to start of event
Alvin being interviewed prior to start of event.
Robyn learnt a great deal from all the speakers
Robyn learnt a great deal from all the speakers.

21 APR 2012: Endorphin Rush 2 by Liz Poey

This stand-up comedy show was Liz Poey's second run. The first of which was held in 2010 and it was a task listed as an item on her bucket list.

By the time we were done with our talk at Humaneity INSPIRES event at INSEAD, we drove over to the NUS Guild House for Liz's event. The NJC Himalayan Expedition gang shared a table. Present were: Cheng Huat, Pearlie, Vivienne, Delia, Sharon, Jio Ngo, Meng Hsien, Jin, Robyn and I.

It was a night filled with laughter triggered by Liz's stories. This event raised $60K for Goducate, a non-profit focused on providing education for poor children.

Endorphin Rush 2
Endorphin Rush 2 was another sold-out turnout at NUS Guild House.

22 APR 2012: Ice Skating at JCube

We are so glad that the ice skating ring is finally opened at JCube. The new ice ring is more spacious and there is a viewing gallery. We thoroughly enjoyed our ice skating experience there.

Robyn and Jin in the ice ring

Robyn loves ice skating

24 APR 2012: In Conversation with Success Business Leaders Series

IN CONVERSATION is a new business education series designed by Alvin to invite successful entrepreneurs and CEOs to share their life stories and business wisdom with associates and friends from the Scent'al Group.

Alvin and Mr Sim Puay Guan

In our inaugural IN CONVERSATION talk, we were honoured to have Mr Sim Puay Guan, founder and CEO of Sterling Engineering Pte Ltd. It was a full house turnout and a successful event.

Mr Sim Puay Guan
Alvin playing David Letterman

The son of Mr Sim, Marc, also shared with the audience about his father's valuable lessons and guidance in business and life.

Alvin played the role of David Letterman in hosting the talk. The son of Mr Sim, Marc, also shared with the audience about his father's valuable lessons and guidance in business and life.




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