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14th Year: 2012
- Seva Talk at RI

- Stacks in S'pore & Partner Yoga

- Racial Harmony Day at Unity Secondary School

- AOL Adv Course & Grandpa's Gifts

- Family Gathering & Yuki's Wedding in KL

- Tribal School Project, Jharkhand, India
- Children's Garden Home, Nairobi, Kenya
- Shooting Wildlife in Masai Mara Reserve, Kenya
- Rock Climbing at Safra Yishun

- Skiing at Secret Garden + Great Wall of China


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Seva 2012 in India & Kenya

10-26 OCT 2012: Return to Children's Garden Home in Nairobi, Kenya

Alvin and the African kids of KenyaMoses came with Keziah and Sharon to fetch Alvin at Jomo Kenyatta Airport in Nairobi. The two girls were obviously disappointed that Robyn did not travel with me.

It was wonderful to be back in Nairobi. I got a feeling of homecoming when we drove through the narrow streets of the Kawangware slum.

When I arrived at Children's Garden Home, all the kids were asking, "Where is Robyn, where is Robyn?"


Anne Choo and the rescued street children

For Seva 2012, I have one angel, Anne Choo, from Singapore who arrived one day after me on 11 Oct 2012. Together, we made significant progress on many new and old projects in CGH.

Alvin Yong and Mercy


Meridian 101 in CGH


Alvin conducted a Meridian 101 workshop at CGH

Thanks to arrangement by Sonal, Alvin conducted the second Meridian 101 acupressure workshop in Nairobi. The first was in Sep 2011. And this time we held in CGH. Participants were from the Art of Living, Kenya.

Alvin showing how to relieve stiff neck and shoulder

The workshop was a good reason for many of the AOL members to visit the children at CGH, most for the very first time. They all enjoyed the experiential workshop and contributed Ksh11,000 to CGH.


Little Fingy's Business Planning


Business 101 seminar by Alvin

Little Fingy's was launched last Oct for the children to run self-sustainability projects like the chicken farm, dairy farm, tomato farm, etc. Alvin conducted a Business 101 seminar to help the children as well as members of the board to create viable business plan for each project.

Little Fingy's business plan

The outcome was a set of simple business plans, with clear objectives, expense and revenue items, co-created with the children and board members. Each project has a surplus target that would be used to help finance CGH expenses such as water, electricity, medical bills, etc.


Little Fingy's Kuku (Chicken) Farm


Alvan and the rooster's egg

Alvan is a member of the Kuku Farm student committee. He loves the chicken and know each like a good friend. I learnt from him that roosters do lay eggs, and they do so when they are old and near to their time of dying. Rooster's egg is tiny compared to the normal hen's egg.

Happy Eggs from Little Fingy's Kuku Farm

We called our eggs "Happy Eggs" because the chicken are always happily cared for by the children, listen to their laughter and songs day and night. We also implemented a capital loan system to teach business financing and to grow the chicken population from the current 26 to 50 for self-sustainability.


Little Fingy's Dairy Farm


CGH's 3rd cow is called Sesame

On 12 Oct, we went shopping for a new cow, sponsored by Mei Yin and her group of friends, who also named it Sesame.

Singa-Moo-Lah now houses 3 cows and a baby calf

Now the 3-room cow shed, Singa-Moo-Lah, houses 3 cows and a baby calf. The 3rd cow will help the dairy farm to become self-sustaining.

Victor serenading to the cow

The kids really love and take great care of the cows. Victor even sings love songs to the cow!

Kids playing with the baby calf

And the younger children love to play with the calf, mothered by the second cow that we funded last year.

Alvin milking cow

The plan is for Sesame to produce milk exclusively for sale. If we could sell 8-10 litres of Joyful Milk everyday, the revenue would cover the cost of feed, salt, medicine and an attendant. That is a simple plan for self-sustainability.

Moses with freshly collected cow milkThe children now enjoy nourishment from fresh cow milk on a daily basis. While there is not sufficient for each child to have a sip, the milk is mixed into their breakfast porridge so everyday gets some milk in their diet.

It is also a saving for Moses as he no longer needs to spend cash to purchase milk.


Little Fingy's BEADwear Project


Monicah aspires to create a new design for 2013Thanks to Anne's help, we managed to break last year's record in orders. For this year, we got over 77 sets of bead necklace order and the surplus provided for one and a half months' worth of salary for staff and teachers.

The children were extremely motivated and they really worked very hard to hand make every necklace.

Happy BEADwear project team

Silvia managed the project very well - from inventory sourcing, quality assurance, labelling and teamwork by the girls, from as young as 9 to 19. Well done!


Visit to Children's Homes in the Slums


Kibera Slum

Moses took us to the homes of a few children who grew up in the Kibera and Kawangware slums.

Kibera slum

Joel lives in a tiny shanty in the crowded Kibera slum. There was hardly any living space in the home.

Kibera slum

The houses in Kibera slum are made of mud with zinc roof. There is no water or power supply, and no sanitation of any sort. Life is very hard and many are hopelessly trapped in deep poverty.

Kawangware slum

We visited another child's home in the Kawangware slum. We met the child's grandmother who was sick and had no food for herself, her children and grandchildren.


Angels from Near and Far...


Anne Choo and Atieno

Anne Choo, my angel-in-arm for Seva 2012, and sponsor/mama for 6 children at CGH. Her commitment is infectious as her family, relatives and friends have extended their kindness in child sponsorship!

Monika Fauth

Monika Fauth, the ex-chairperson of Art of Living Kenya, was the person who connected us to CGH. Monika continues to support CGH and Moses closely despite being physically away in Lamu and Holland.

Sonal Nagda, board member of AOL Kenya and CGH

Sonal Nagda has been instrumental in the setting up of the Community Cooker at CGH. She is a board member of both the Art of Living Kenya and CGH.

Community Cooker at CGH

Throughout my stay in CGH, I witnessed the construction of the Community Cooker, a self-sustainability project funded by Art of Living Kenya.

Team from Service for Peace

Alice, Bilha and Elaine from NGO Service For Peace are pooling their power to help secure funding to erect the urgently needed secondary school block in CGH.

Visualising the new Secondary School Block

Visualization of the new CGH Secondary School Block... The foundation has been laid earlier thanks to a German sponsor. Wanna help? Get in touch with CGH!

African Children
African child African child
African child African child African child
African child African child


On 26 Oct, Alvin returned home to Singapore. It was a record transit for him at Mumbai airport for 20 hours!

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