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12th Year: 2010
- Celebrating New Year & 16th Wedding Anniversary at Bombay Cafe
- Simon Lee in S'pore & Family Photo Shoot by Charlie Lim
- Squash Craze!
- "Bliss in Bali" Art of Living Advanced Course & "Drink Towards a Greener Earth" Exhibition at Millenia Walk
- Meridian 101 @ Wisma
- Shopping in Bangkok
- Voyage de la Vie @ Resort World Sentosa
- Image Re-make: Long Hair No More!
- Granny's and Avery's Birthday Parties
- Robyn's 12th Birthday Climbing Celebration @ Safra Yishun
- Return to Tigerland Rice Farm, Chiang Rai, Thailand
- R&R at Downtown East & Heni's Birthday

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7-9 Dec 2010: R&R @ Downtown East

Alvin, Robyn and Jin at Downtown East

Downtown East is where Alvin and Jin held their garden wedding party on 17 years ago on 1 Jan 1994. So it's a nostalgic feeling to return here for a few days' stay, even though the place is completely transformed now.

We enjoyed the fun at the Wild Wild Wet and relaxed swim in the pool.

Robyn and Jin in the pool

Robyn the swimmer

While Robyn played with water, Alvin played with his Nikon D90 taking high speed shots...

Flashing Robyn

Flashing Robyn and Jin

The real kid vs the big kid.



13 Dec 2010: Celebrating Heni's Birthday

Today's Heni's birthday.
To appreciate her for taking good care of Robyn and our home, Robyn gave Heni a L-size present that took an enormous amount of unwrapping to emerge as 3 S-size gifts! Background music was Gloria Estefan's Unwrapped.

Heni's birthday

Unwrapping by Heni to Unwrapped by Gloria Estefan

Robyn and Heni

Heni and Jin


25 Dec 2010: Robyn's Growing Taller!

Robyn has been shooting upwards like a bamboo and will soon overtake Mummy Jin...

Merry Christmas!

Robyn taller than Jin?

Jin and Robyn

Robyn and Alvin


Happy New Year !



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