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12th Year: 2010
- Celebrating New Year & 16th Wedding Anniversary at Bombay Cafe
- Simon Lee in S'pore & Family Photo Shoot by Charlie Lim
- Squash Craze!
- "Bliss in Bali" Art of Living Advanced Course & "Drink Towards a Greener Earth" Exhibition at Millenia Walk
- Meridian 101 @ Wisma
- Shopping in Bangkok
- Voyage de la Vie @ Resort World Sentosa
- Image Re-make: Long Hair No More!
- Granny's and Avery's Birthday Parties
- Robyn's 12th Birthday Climbing Celebration @ Safra Yishun
- Return to Tigerland Rice Farm, Chiang Rai, Thailand
- R&R at Downtown East & Heni's Birthday

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16 Oct 2010: Robyn Turns 12

Robyn is 12 years old!

Happy Birthday, Robyn.

Alvin, Robyn and Jin


23 Oct 2010: Robyn's Climbing Birthday Party at SAFRA Yishun

SAFRA Yishun climbing wall

We booked the climbing walls at SAFRA Yishun to celebrate Robyn's 12th birthday.

Robyn invited her De La Salle P6 friends to have fun together. Everyone was totally wild!


L: Robyn and Faith up on the high wall.

R: Robyn (in Alvin's designer T-shirt) geared up for a great climb.

Robyn the rock climber

Robyn and Faith on the wall

Robyn and Faith

The rain came shortly after we started our climb on the high wall so we retreated into the Indoor Bouldering Walls. It was fabulous! Skye and Gaven joined us later as the only boys!

Robyn and friends in the bouldering gym

Robyn and friends in the bouldering gym

Robyn the rock climber

All the surrounding walls are climbable

We climbed all over the bouldering walls.
Everyone has a good workout.

Grace upsidedown

We even climbed upsidedown on the ceilings like spiderman!

L: Grace hanging from the top.

R: Robyn inverted.

Robyn upsidedown

Yee Koong, Clara and Ranxuan

Yee Koon, Clara and Ranxuan waiting for their turns.

R: Gaven being driven up the wall, literally, by an instructor.

Gaven the little climber

Robyn Yong

Bouldering fun

After so much bouldering fun and laughters, it's time to enjoy some food and drink, and yes, the "DIY Birthday Cake" specially designed and assembled by Robyn...

Robyn's Famous Amos cookie birthday 'cake'

This birthday cake was an assembly of Famous Amos cookies, a unique idea of Robyn. So convenient to just grab and eat, no need to cut and serve on plates!
We'd originally intended to create a pile of mini-donuts but the donut shop at Northpoint somehow couldn't be located.

Happy birthday, Robyn

Robyn and friends

Happy birthday, Robyn.

The Yongs

Alvin, Jin, Robyn, Grandma and Grandpa.

Service with a smile

Grandma kissing Robyn

Thanks for a wonderful 12th birthday party!

Thanks everyone for making Robyn's 12th birthday celebration so fun and memorable.



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