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12th Year: 2010
- Celebrating New Year & 16th Wedding Anniversary at Bombay Cafe
- Simon Lee in S'pore & Family Photo Shoot by Charlie Lim
- Squash Craze!
- "Bliss in Bali" Art of Living Advanced Course & "Drink Towards a Greener Earth" Exhibition at Millenia Walk
- Meridian 101 @ Wisma
- Shopping in Bangkok
- Voyage de la Vie @ Resort World Sentosa
- Image Re-make: Long Hair No More!
- Granny's and Avery's Birthday Parties
- Robyn's 12th Birthday Climbing Celebration @ Safra Yishun
- Return to Tigerland Rice Farm, Chiang Rai, Thailand
- R&R at Downtown East & Heni's Birthday

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3-6 Jun 2010: Shopping in Bangkok

Robyn and Alvin at Wat Pho, the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, it's the largest temple in Bangkok and famed for it's huge and majestic reclining buddha measuring 46 metres long and covered in gold leave.

Robyn and Alvin in Bangkok
Robyn donating coins

Alvin and Robyn at the feet of the reclining buddha

Alvin and Robyn at the feet of the reclining buddha

Robyn and Alvin on a Tut-tut

Robyn and Alvin riding on a Tut-tut

Robyn having her lunch

It's delicious! Want some?

Alvin with his mouth stuffed

I am gonna choke! What are you looking at? Help me!

Man at a roadside store

Although it is roadside hawker food, it's delicious! Try some!

Robyn donating money to a kid performer

Wow! This talented kid plays a wind instrument and a tambourine at the same time!

We came to see for ourselves the Central World mall, the second-biggest retail complex in Southeast Asia, that suffered huge fire damage after an arson attack on 3 April 2010.

We were shocked at the damage of the mall.

Burnt down central world mall

bullet hits bullet hits everywhere!

Bullet hits, bullet hits, everywhere!

A close-up look at a bullet impact

A close-up look at a bullet impact.

Mmm... delicious!

L: Mmm... delicious!


R: Hmm... Which one should I buy for Kaka Heni? The spiky or the round one?

Robyn choosing which ubber band to buy

Wow, nice cape

We watched a wonderful performence at a cafe called Studio 9, Dinning at the Theatre, by the Chao Phraya River.


A man wearing a mask

Alvin, George, Robyn and Sirada(Fin)

We had a good dinner there and met up with Sirada(Fin).



19 Jun 2010 - Visit to Toa Payoh Safra

Robyn climbing

This was our last climb at the climbing tower at SAFRA Toa Payoh before the clubhouse was torn down for redevelopment.

Alvin climbing

Alvin and Robyn rocking at SAFRA!

Jin climbing

Jin climbing, go! Go! Go!

Ranxuan and Robyn

Don't shoot! We both are innocent!


Where's Robyn?


Where's Ranxuan?

Robyn and Ranxuan

Oh! Here they are!


20 Jun 2010 - Meridian 101 @ Home

Granny and Jo jo massaging uncle ah hua

Granny and Jojo massaging uncle Ah Hua.

Jin massaging her mum.

Jin massaging her mum.

Granny and Jo jo massaging uncle ah hua

Jin servicing her dad.

Granny and Jo jo massaging uncle ah hua

Jojo mastering her facial reflexology guasha.


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