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8th Year: 2006
- Welcome Year of Dog
- Baby Lucase & Ice Skating
- Jin's Birthday @ Mt Faber
- Rock Climbing & Kid's Kampong Excursion
- Mother's Day, Kranji Park & Jurong Reptile Park
- Driving Tour to Fraser Hill, Ipoh & KL
- Climbing Fun for Families
- Skye's 1st Birthday
- Kid's Central LIVE Show
- Robyn's 8th Charity Birthday
- Bowling @ SAFRA Yishun
- Pasir Ris Park & Vietnam Adventures

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1 Oct 2006 - Children's Day @ Kids Kampong

We spent a wonderful Children's Day at Kids Kampong catching and feeding fishes. We even met our football star, Fandi Ahmad, and his family there.

Jin & Robyn attempting to net some fishes

Jin & Robyn attempting to net some fishes

Fandi and Wendy and their 5 kids

Fandi and Wendy and their 5 kids

Alvin, Robyn and Jin at Kid's Kampong Alvin, Robyn and Jin at Kid's Kampong


8 Oct 2006 - Recce @ Labrador Park

Recce at Labrador Park

The Labrador Park was the place where I experienced my first picnic by the sea when I was just 3 months old. So this is a good place to celebrate my 8th birthday party next week in the form of a picnic cum treasure hunt. So we came here to recce and prepare the clues for the treasure hunt.

For my 8th birthday, I wish to give all my presents to the children at the Canossaville Children's Home. This is a very meaningful and memorable charity birthday for me.

Click to see my 8th birthday invitation to friends.



15 Oct 2006 - Robyn's 8th Charity Birthday @ Labrador Park

Robyn Yong is 8!

Turns 8 years old on 16 Oct 2006.

Primary 2 at De La Salle Primary School.

Loves to rock climb, swim, ice skate, ski, run.

Loves to read (Harry Potter, Witch, Mr Midnight, Roald Dahl's), draw, arts and craft, make cards, email friends, watch Cartoon Network and DVD.


Robyn celebrates her 8th birthday Wow, it was a mighty fun day of running about with so many friends looking for clues to the Treasure Hunt that Daddy designed.

About a hundred guests graced this occasion of mine, which actually served as a chance for many old friends to catch up on old times.

Alvin and Jin celebrating Robyn's 8th birthday

Florence and Theingi


L: Florence and Theingi


R: Robyn was especially thrilled over the presence of her classmates: RanXuan, Tasha, Angela, Letrice and Yu You.

Ranxuan and Robyn

Chan Ping, Melvin and Xiao Mei

L: Chan Ping, Melvin and Xiao Mei


R: Joey and family playing the Treasure Hunt game at Labrador Park.

Joey and family

Robyn donates 43 gifts to Canossaville Children's Home

L: These are the 43 presents that will be donated to the Canossaville Children's Home.

R: These are the only 7 presents that are specially given to me for keep.

Robyn keeps only 7 presents


16 Oct 2006 - Gifting to Canossaville Children's Home

Robyn donates presents to the Canossaville Children's Home

If I keep the 43 presents, it'll make one person happy - me.

If I give away the 43 presents, it'll make 44 people happy - 43 kids plus me!

I wish for the kids from the Canossaville Children's Home to be happy, healthy and many fun moments with the presents.

Sister Angela of the Home encouraged me to keep giving and gave me a postcard of the Pope.


L: Robyn donates presents to the Canossaville Children's Home


21 Oct 2006 - Eugene's Birthday

We celebrated Eugene's brithday at Auntie Janet's condo poolside.

Eugene had a huge Mickey Mouse brithday cake!

Kwok Lam, Janet, Lucas and Eugene


28 Oct 2006 - "Walking Out of Loneliness"

We joined the walkathon organised by Concern & Care Society to encourage the elderly to lead active lifestyle. It was held at the Marina City Park and Bel'Air sponsored many wonderful prizes.
Walkers from Bel'Air Kids at the walkathon
Kids at the walkathon

L: Grandma also helped to advise the lucky draw winners on how to use our Bel'Air products.

R: Alexis, Julianna and I helped to give out flyers to people at the park. It was fun as no one can reject us because we were so sweet and irresistible!

Kids are the best flyer givers


29 Oct 2006 - Family Fun @ ClimbAdventure

Robyn the best rock climber
Jin's graceful climb
Seven families came together for a morning climb at the ClimbAdventure Climbing Centre. All the kids had fun discovering their latent potential. This is also Eugene's first exposure to climbing.
Uncles Terence and Chong Lin

L: Terence and Chong Lin stressing their kids who were half way up the wall...


R: Team work in action.

Team work in climbing
Eugene, Janet and Kwong Lam
L: Eugene, Janet and Kwong Lam at ClimbAdventure.



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