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8th Year: 2006
- Welcome Year of Dog
- Baby Lucase & Ice Skating
- Jin's Birthday @ Mt Faber
- Rock Climbing & Kid's Kampong Excursion
- Mother's Day, Kranji Park & Jurong Reptile Park
- Driving Tour to Fraser Hill, Ipoh & KL
- Climbing Fun for Families
- Skye's 1st Birthday
- Kid's Central LIVE Show
- Robyn's 8th Charity Birthday
- Bowling @ SAFRA Yishun
- Pasir Ris Park & Vietnam Adventures

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7 May 2006 - The Yong's Stamp

The Yongs postal stamp

It was fun to create a set of personalised postage stamp bearing the Yong's family picture. This stamp is to commemorate Alvin's achievement of the Dukeship in Bel'Air. Feel a little like the Royalty... haha!


14 May 2006 - Celebrating Mothers' Day

Cousin Skye and Robyn

Cousin Skye Yong

Cousin Eugene Kong

Today's a celebration lunch for all the Mothers in our family. Happy Mother's Day!
The Yong Mothers

Cousin Eugene and Robyn

The mothers' gang!


28 May 2006 - Clam Digging @ Kranji Park

We returned to Kranji mudflat with some friends and their families. We dug and dug and dug and dug but just couldn't find any clam at all! Nevertheless, it's still great fun for everyone.

Soo Ping and son

Robyn and Jin at Kranji mudflat

Soo Ping and son

Jing Yun and her dad

Angela and Macolm

Jing Yun and Robyn at Kranji mudflat


31 May 2006 - Jurong Reptile Park

Reptile monster

It's a splendid outing at the Jurong Reptile Park with Daddy Alvin on a Wednesday morning, when it was all quiet and peaceful there.

Robyn came really up close and personal with many reptile friends!

We learnt about many different types of reptile and got to feed, touch and hold some of them.

Robyn and reptile monster

Robyn feeds the lizard
Robyn and Giant Turtle
Robyn and Baby Croc
Robyn, Alvin and baby croc



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