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8th Year: 2006
- Welcome Year of Dog
- Baby Lucase & Ice Skating
- Jin's Birthday @ Mt Faber
- Rock Climbing & Kid's Kampong Excursion
- Mother's Day, Kranji Park & Jurong Reptile Park
- Driving Tour to Fraser Hill, Ipoh & KL
- Climbing Fun for Families
- Skye's 1st Birthday
- Kid's Central LIVE Show
- Robyn's 8th Charity Birthday
- Bowling @ SAFRA Yishun
- Pasir Ris Park & Vietnam Adventures

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3 Jun 2006 - Kidsfest, Singapore Art's Festival 2006

Robyn at KidsFest
It was a morning of fun and exploration in musical, visual and performance arts.

Amazing musician

Robyn and Jin fumbling with toys We tried our hands at a wonderful range of toys, spinning plates, etc. Robyn spinning plate!


7 Jun 2006 - Love Camp @ RJC

School holiday is always an exciting time for me to get into new environment, learn new things and make new friends.

The LOVE Camp was a 3-day drama and play activity held at RJC, organised by the CDC.

Mummy Jin and Daddy Alvin came to support my team's performance and our excellent team work won us some goodies.

Robyn, the Robin Hood

Play at RJC

Robyn and her cast


8-11 Jun 2006 - Driving Tour Around West Malaysia

The Yongs on the road

8 Jun: Fraser Hill

9 Jun: Ipoh

10 Jun: Petaling Jaya

11 Jun: OneUtama

Fraser Hill

Robyn at Fraser Hill

Angela and Macolm

It was wonderfully cooling and misty at Fraser Hill. We even trekked in the rain to visit a waterfall.

The Yongs at Fraser Hill

The Yongs at Ipoh

In Ipoh, we had a nice time eating good food and shopping for Robyn's clothings. We visited the San Bao Dong which is a temple built into the limestone cave.
The Yongs at Ipoh Robyn ZZZ...

Murali's wedding at PJ

We attended Uncle Murali's wedding at Petaling Jaya.

Having fun at OneUtama

Robyn and Grandpa having fun at OneUtama.

Having fun at OneUtama

Robyn showed her Beckham football skills.

Having fun at OneUtama

Hey, it's just a game. Let's be good friends.


14 Jun 2006 - Indah's Birthday

Robyn and Indah

Indah's a friend, playmate and a big sister to Robyn.

Happy Birthday, Indah.



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