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5th Year: 2003
- Bye Bye Beloved Great Granny
- Oepning of Kg Glam Ceramic Art Club
- Bel'Air Awards Night
- Climbing Wall at TOUCH Diabetic Support Centre
- Western Australia Driveabout
- Auntie Pauline's Birthday
- Uncle Tony's Birthday
- Children's Day at Botanic Garden & Birth of Cousin Eugene Kong
- Dancing Atoms Class
- Ceramic Fair @ Esplanade & Johor Driveabout to Kota Tinggi, Mersing & Sedili
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14 Dec 2003 - Ceramic Fair @ Esplanade

Kg Glam Ceramic Art Club held its 2nd Ceramic Fair under the Bridge at the Esplanade. Daddy exhibited 7 pieces of his work there.

Ceramic Fair under the Esplanade Bridge

Alvin and his ceramic arts

Daddy Alvin's artwork on exhibition. One piece was eventually sold to a German couple. See more of Daddy's ceramic work at

Alvin's ceramic work at the fair

Robyn and Mummy supporting Daddy

Alvin's supporters: Robyn and Mummy Jin

Teacher Chew doing demo on the wheel

Teacher Chew Seow Phuang doing demo


19 Dec 2003 - Robyn's Performance at Bt Batok CC

After 5 days of Mandarin Kids' Camp, Robyn finished the camp with a sterling performance of song and dance at the Bukit Batok Community Club.

Robyn performing at the Kids' Camp


21 - 24 Dec 2003 - Johor Driveabout: Kota Tinggi, Mersing & Sedili

Forest trail by Sg Pelepah

Kota Tinggi - We explored a short stretch of forest by the Sungei Pelapah, just before Kota Tinggi Waterfall. It's a serene place and we had fun playing in the river.

Feet cooling in Sg Pelepah with Daddy

Dipping fun with Mummy in Sg Pelepah

Dipping fun with Mummy in Sg Pelepah

I love cool, clear flowing river water

I love cool, clear flowing river water


Sedili - We returned once again to Sedili but ventured to Sedili Kechil this time round. We checked into Mutiara Motor Resort and were pleased to discover that we were the only holidayers there.

Alvin & Jin at Sedili Kechil

Mersing - We love the ultra fine sandy beach at Tg Leman. The wind and roar of the South China Sea were pure enjoyment! And we watched some kite-surfers in action!

Robyn & Jin at Tg Leman Beach


Jin at beach north of Jason Bay

Mummy Jin trying to spot entrapped sea creatures, octopus and shells amongst the coral rocks.

Robyn and Daddy harnessing the power of the waves

Daddy Alvin and Robyn summoning the power of the ocean waves, causing the tide to rise rapidly!



31 Dec 2003 - New Year Countdown at Auntie Josephine's Tessarina

Robyn and Anjelica celebrating the New Year Countdown to 2004

Robyn and Anjelica celebrating the New Year Countdown to 2004, at Auntie Josephine's new house at the Tessarina.



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