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5th Year: 2003
- Bye Bye Beloved Great Granny
- Oepning of Kg Glam Ceramic Art Club
- Bel'Air Awards Night
- Climbing Wall at TOUCH Diabetic Support Centre
- Western Australia Driveabout
- Auntie Pauline's Birthday
- Uncle Tony's Birthday
- Children's Day at Botanic Garden & Birth of Cousin Eugene Kong
- Dancing Atoms Class
- Ceramic Fair @ Esplanade & Johor Driveabout to Kota Tinggi, Mersing & Sedili
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23 Jun - 1 Jul 03 - Driveabout in Western Australia

Robyn, Jin and Auntie Pauline

23 Jun, Joondalup - Visiting Auntie Pauline at her home in Perth was wonderful. I got to play with Celine and Diva...

Auntie Pauline's home in Joondalup

Jie-Jie Celine is one of my best friends in the whole of Australia.

Robyn and Celine, the best of pals

Breakfast at Joondalup

There's always an unlimited supply of food in Auntie Pauline's home. Daddy will surely double in size if he were to stay here for just a month!

We drove south to Margaret River and stayed the night in Margaret River Resort. Daddy searched the town for a hotel with bath tub so Robyn could enjoy her favourite foam bath.

Robyn and her favourite foam bath

We explored Calgardup Cave, which is a self-guided cave with no installed lighting. It was really exciting walking in the pitch darkness and enjoying the absolute silence in the cave.

Caving at Calgardup Cave

Robyn, the little adventurous caver

Robyn, the little adventurous caver

Visiting Cape Leeuwin at Augusta was exhilarating. There, we saw the confluence of the Southern Ocean and the Indian Ocean. The winds were so fierce that we really got to appreciate the astronomical power of mother nature.

Jin and Robyn at Cape Leeuwin

Martin's Field B&B at Busselton was a place that Daddy stayed over a year ago. It was such a lovely place that Daddy brought us back there to enjoy the surrounding.

Martin's Field B&B at Busselton

Jane and Tim Happs, and the Yongs

We were delighted to befriend the B&B owners, Jane and Tim Happs.

Joy & Peter B&B at Bunbury

Staying with home-run B&B must be one of the best ways to get to know the locals. We found Joy & Peter Farm B&B in the thick of the night under rainy condition. We learnt a great deal about olive farming from Peter. And we enjoyed Joy's tasty home-made lemon butter.

Enroute from Bunbury to Fremantle, we pulled to the side of the road and enjoyed a few precious moments of perfect rainbow that stretched across the vast horizon. A full rainbow at Bunbury

A full rainbow at Bunbury

Jin and Robyn at Tombulgum Farm


Tumbulgum Farm - We arrived at the farm shortly before it closed for the day so we wandered briefly about ourselves to take in the farm animals.

We stayed the night at O'Grady, a delightful Irish Inn above a nosiy Irish Pub. We enjoyed walking about and shopping at the Fremantle Market. Robyn making her own breakfast in the morning. Robyn making breakfast at O'Grady, Fremantle.


R: Robyn making breakfast at O'Grady, Fremantle.

Robyn making breakfast at O'Grady, Fremantle

Robyn, Jin and Alvin at O'Grady in Fremantle


Robyn, Jin and Alvin at O'Grady in Fremantle


We returned in time for Auntie Pauline's birthday celebration at Joondalup. What a crowded party! We met so many friends.

Robyn making breakfast at O'Grady, Fremantle

L to R: Jin, Robyn, Pauline, Celine, Emmy and Emmy's hubby.

Diva, Celine's pet dog

This is Diva, Celine's rather huge pet dog. She looks fierce but is really friendly and warm.

Burswood Casino

1 Jul, Burswood - Farewell breakfast at the famous Burswood Casino before we left for the airport.

Robyn at Whiteman Park

I love Western Australia. I'll be back!.



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