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5th Year: 2003
- Bye Bye Beloved Great Granny
- Oepning of Kg Glam Ceramic Art Club
- Bel'Air Awards Night
- Climbing Wall at TOUCH Diabetic Support Centre
- Western Australia Driveabout
- Auntie Pauline's Birthday
- Uncle Tony's Birthday
- Children's Day at Botanic Garden & Birth of Cousin Eugene Kong
- Dancing Atoms Class
- Ceramic Fair @ Esplanade & Johor Driveabout to Kota Tinggi, Mersing & Sedili
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1 Oct 2003 - Children's Day at the Botanic Gardens

On Children's Day, Daddy brought me to the Botanic Gardens for a morning stroll. We brought bread to feed the fishes.

Sweet Robyn at Botanic Gardens

Robyn and Alvin

Robyn balancing on a horizontally growing tree trunk

We explored every corner of the Gardens

We had fun spinning the Swiss Ball that's made from one single large piece of granite.

Swiss Ball


8 Oct 2003 - Robyn switched Kindergarten

Robyn switched from Kinderland to Choa Chu Kang Bible Centre Kindergarten. It was a new environment and Robyn loves her new teachers and friends.
Robyn attends Choa Chu Kang Bible Centre Kindergarten


23/26 Oct 2003 - Birth of Little Cousin Eugene

Visiting Aunt Janet at Gleneagle Hospital

We visited Auntie Janet and Uncle Kwok Lum at Gleneagle Hospital but didn't get to meet my new-born cousin Eugene.

Alas, I met Eugene in person at Auntie Janet's home 3 days later. Mmm... I reckon he's still a little too young to play with me...

Little Eugene Kong

Little Eugene Kong

Uncle Kwok Lum, Auntie Janet and little Eugene

Uncle Kwok Lum, Auntie Janet and little Eugene


25 Oct 2003 - Tanglin Community Club

Robyn, Jin and Alvin

I turned 5 years old this month!

Daddy and Mummy checking out some dance classes for me at the Tanglin Community Club.



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