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4th Year: 2002
- Awaken to 2002 @ West Coast Park
- CNY & Birthday @ Sea
- Climbing Bukit Takun, KL
- Child Kidnapping Month
- Kranji Mudflat Revisit
- Kelong Overnight
- Pottery & More Mudflat
- Haw Par Villa & World Cup
- Claylink Exhibition & Kinderland
- Robyn Turns 4, Ice Skating & Adventure to the Dentist
- Kinderland Graduation
- Christmas & Birthday Parties, Concert & Genting Highlands Vacation
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14 Dec 2002 - Auntie Joanna's Birthday Party

The Scent'al family at Auntie Joanna's birthday party

The Scent'al family celebrated Auntie Joanna's birthday at the Singapore Yacht Club.


20 Dec 2002 - Scent'al X'mas Party

We fought a balloon battle at the Scent'al X'mas Party held at the NUS Guild House.

Balloon war


22 Dec 2002 - "Above All" Christmas Concert

Above All Concert

Auntie Shana invited us to enjoy the "Above All" concert at her church. We all learnt about how Christmas came about and the story of the Christ. I love the musical performance.



Below: Lydia, my good friend...

Robyn and Lydia

Robyn and Lydia


8 Dec 2002 - Sending Auntie Tin Off At The Airport

Robyn and Tin
Robyn sending off Auntie Tin at the airport for her year-end home vacation.


24 - 26 Dec 2002 - Christmas at the Genting Highlands

In a coach to Genting Highlands

We travelled there in supposedly 1st class coach. But lying on Mummy is better than 1st class!

Cable car to the top of Genting

Taking the longest cable-car in SE Asia to the top of the Genting Highlands was thrilling.

Robyn Yong
Robyn and Christmas tree
Robyn and Santa

Robyn, Jin and Alvin at Snow World

Robyn and Jin making a mini snowman

The Snow World was a freezing experience but I got to play with making a mini snowman at sub-zero temperature.

X'mas at Genting Highlands

Highland cool

It was indeed a wonderful white misty Christmas at Genting. However, we received a piece of unfortunate news that Great Granny had a fall on Christmas Eve. We were very worried and couldn't wait to return to see her on Boxing Day...



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