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4th Year: 2002
- Awaken to 2002 @ West Coast Park
- CNY & Birthday @ Sea
- Climbing Bukit Takun, KL
- Child Kidnapping Month
- Kranji Mudflat Revisit
- Kelong Overnight
- Pottery & More Mudflat
- Haw Par Villa & World Cup
- Claylink Exhibition & Kinderland
- Robyn Turns 4, Ice Skating & Adventure to the Dentist
- Kinderland Graduation
- Christmas & Birthday Parties, Concert & Genting Highlands Vacation
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21 Mar 2002 - Morning Swim @ Bukit Batok Swimming Complex

Swimming is one of Robyn's favorite sports

Robyn and Alvin

Daughter and Daddy - the best of friends


23 Mar 2002 - Open House @ Lasalle Arts

The arts lovers - Alvin and Robyn

It was a learning visit to the Lasalle Arts School seeing all kinds of creative ideas, art forms and the ceramic workshop.

art: contrast

art: girl and paper title: g i r l 'n' p a p e r


28 to 30 Mar 2002 - Trip to Kuala Lumpur and Bukit Takun

28 Mar - we drove up to KL and visited the KLCC

Robyn at the KL Twin Towers

Grandpa, Robyn and Alvin

Grandpa, Robyn and Alvin

Starting the trek up Bukit Takun

Taking a rest half way up Bukit Takun

29 Mar - Rock climbing day at Bukit Takun limestone outcrop. It was quite a journey trekking up there...

Bukit Takun offers a wide variety of climbing on both sport and trad. It is situated near the Templer's Park golf course.

Beng Cheong rock climbing at Bukit Takun


Robyn, the little rock climber Grandpa, Robyn and Alvin relaxing in hammock

Robyn supervising the SAC rock climbers

Little rock climber Robyn supervising the rock climbing session for the Singapore Adventurers' Club climbers

Robyn visiting Big Aunt at Cheras
30 Mar - Visiting Big Aunt at Cheras




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