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4th Year: 2002
- Awaken to 2002 @ West Coast Park
- CNY & Birthday @ Sea
- Climbing Bukit Takun, KL
- Child Kidnapping Month
- Kranji Mudflat Revisit
- Kelong Overnight
- Pottery & More Mudflat
- Haw Par Villa & World Cup
- Claylink Exhibition & Kinderland
- Robyn Turns 4, Ice Skating & Adventure to the Dentist
- Kinderland Graduation
- Christmas & Birthday Parties, Concert & Genting Highlands Vacation
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3 Jul 2002 - Pottery Art at Kampong Glam Community Club

Alvin at the pottery wheel

The fluidity in ceramic form creation and the magical effects of firing never cease to delight my Daddy's senses. Alvin enjoys the many hours of therapeutic movement and concentration required at creating something beautiful out of a mere lump of clay.

Visit Alvin's virtual pottery gallery at and he offers an online pottery gallery service at


6 Jul 2002 - Saw Dust Firing Trial

Robyn doing sawdust pottery firing

L: I helped Daddy to fire one of his pottery work using saw dust and a milk tin.



R: Learning to lock and unlock the main gate is part of my rock climbing training.

Robyn unlocking gate


6 Jul 2002 - Kranji Mud Flat

Return to Kranji mud flat

We returned to the Kranji mud flat again to pick clams but this time with little friends from Uncle Hang Meng's and Auntie Shana's families.

Robyn and Miao Miao

Robyn and Miao Miao

Robyn hard at work

It was hard work but Robyn really enjoyed it.

Robyn's fav upsidedown hang

Robyn's fav upsidedown hanging

The Mummies: Carrie, Jin and Shana.

The Mummies: Carrie, Jin and Shana.

Joshua, Robyn, Lydia, Miao Miao and Shi Ying

The Famous 5: Joshua, Robyn, Lydia, Miao Miao and Shi Ying.


7 Jul 02 - Visiting Great-Granny

Robyn, Great-Granny and Jie Yi
Robyn, Great-Granny and Jie Yi.



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