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4th Year: 2002
- Awaken to 2002 @ West Coast Park
- CNY & Birthday @ Sea
- Climbing Bukit Takun, KL
- Child Kidnapping Month
- Kranji Mudflat Revisit
- Kelong Overnight
- Pottery & More Mudflat
- Haw Par Villa & World Cup
- Claylink Exhibition & Kinderland
- Robyn Turns 4, Ice Skating & Adventure to the Dentist
- Kinderland Graduation
- Christmas & Birthday Parties, Concert & Genting Highlands Vacation
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4 Aug 2002 - Asiawork Graduation

Alvin at Asiawork

Daddy graduated from the Asiawork Advanced Course with renewed power and enhanced clarity of his life purpose.


9 Aug 2002 - Haw Par Villa

Robyn at Haw Par Villa

A morning visit to the Haw Par Villa.

Jin, Robyn and Alvin at Haw Par Villa

Are dragons really that huge...?

Robyn fighting with monkey

Help me! The monkey's snacking away my papaya. Err... it's actually the other way round.

Feeding fishes at Haw Par Villa

Feeding fishes at Haw Par Villa


11 Aug 2002 - Uncle Tony's Birthday

Pauline, Robyn and Tony

We had a wonderful Scent'al Group gathering at Uncle Tony's house and we threw a surprised birthday party for him.

L: Auntie Pauline, Robyn and Uncle Tony.

The Scent'al Group of associates and families.

Check out, another website designed and hosted by Daddy Alvin.

The Scent'al family


24-25 Aug 2002 - Climbing World Cup 2002 in Singapore

Climbing World Cup 2002, Singapore

Singapore hosted, for the time, the UIAA-ICC Climbing World Cup series in the Singapore Expo.

Check out Daddy Alvin's Climbing World Cup 2002 website.

Robyn and Miao Miao

Miao Miao and Robyn enjoyed watching the world class climber scaled the tough competition routes.

Robyn at the Singapore Expo

Robyn at the Singapore Expo.


31 Aug 2002 - Claylink 2002 Exhibition

Daddy's very first time participation at a pottery exhibition. He had 2 pieces of work on exhibit.

Check out Daddy Alvin's Claylink 2002 Exhibition website, and his very own pottery gallery at

Alvin and potter Chew Seow Phuang at Claylink 2002 Exhibition
Joanna, Josephine, Pauline, Alvin and Tony
Daddy's supporters and fan club members - little Juianna, Aunties Joanna, Josephine and Pauline, and Tony.



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