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3rd Year: 2001
- Great Granny & Wading Pool
- BBQ & Fish Farm
- Climbing at Safra Yishun, Toguna and in Shanghai
- Port Dickson & Ice Skating at Fuji Ice Plaza I
- Ice Skating II, Farmart & Nickolas' Birthday
- Botanic Gardens & Zoo
- Queensland Driveabout & Nature Walk in Pulau Ubin
- Pelepah Waterfalls
- Robyn's Birthday @ Sentosa
- Visit to Dentist & Apple Tree
- X'mas, Labrador Park & New Year Campover @ West Coast Park
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1 Dec 2001 - SAFRACS Blood Donation Drive

Robyn and Alvin

Giving a little helping hand at the blood donation drive - I helped distributing brochure while Daddy dressed up as a Blood Buddy.

Daddy was the Blood Buddy behind me


15 Dec 2001 - Pottery Fun

Having pottery fun with Daddy

I love collaborating with my potter Daddy in clay creation. It's so therapeutic!


Robyn and pot


Having pottery fun with Daddy

Robyn and pot


9 Dec 2001 - At the Zoological Garden

Robyn at the Zoo

The little tigress overpowered the tiger...


24 Dec 2001 - Christmas Eve Fun

The Christmas Eve's gift exchange and makan at Uncle Wee Yin's home was great fun! i made some new friends too.

Christmas Eve at Uncle Wee Yin's


30 Dec 2001 - Picnic at the Labrador Park

Yongs at the Labrador rock cliff
Robyn, Jin and Tin
Returning to this same spot after 1 year 11 months was nostalgic. See me at this same spot in Jan 1999 - click here!
Mummy, Auntie Tin and me in stylish headwears!


31 Dec 2001 - "Farewell 2001, Welcome 2002" at West Coast Park

It was the very last day of 2001 so it's camping time again to welcome the new year of 2002. We returned to the same spot - West Coast Park - where we welcomed 1 Jan 2001 last year, to camp overnight but this time we called along some friends to celebrate and have fun together.
Robyn, Ryen and Darren
Uncle Chong Lin directing slave Ryen
Robyn, Ryen and Darren enjoying new year eve dinner!
Ryen slaving away under Uncle Chong Lin's orders. My first lesson in child abuse...!?

New Year celebration fun with sparklers

We played sparklers at midnight, adding to the celebration mood alongside the blowing of the horns by the docked ships and vessels at sea. Why did Ryen's sparkler seem brighter...

Robyn and Ryen

Camping Families:

The Yongs, Ongs, Sims and Kongs

Four happy families
Gregory, Ai Ling, Jing Yang, Jing Hui
Chong Lin, Tock Boon, Ryen, Darren
Siew Qun, Vicky, Wen Hao, Wen Jie
The Sims: Gregory, Ai Ling, Jing Yang, Jing Hui
The Ongs: Chong Lin, Tock Boon, Ryen, Darren
The Kongs: Siew Qun, Vicky, Wen Hao, Wen Jie

Alvin, Jin, Robyn

Good night, Robyn

The Yongs: Alvin, Jin, Robyn Night, night, time to tuck in. Looking forward to a happy, great and exciting 2002.



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