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3rd Year: 2001
- Great Granny & Wading Pool
- BBQ & Fish Farm
- Climbing at Safra Yishun, Toguna and in Shanghai
- Port Dickson & Ice Skating at Fuji Ice Plaza I
- Ice Skating II, Farmart & Nickolas' Birthday
- Botanic Gardens & Zoo
- Queensland Driveabout & Nature Walk in Pulau Ubin
- Pelepah Waterfalls
- Robyn's Birthday @ Sentosa
- Visit to Dentist & Apple Tree
- X'mas, Labrador Park & New Year Campover @ West Coast Park
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9-21 Aug 2001 - Self-Drive Holiday in Queensland, Australia

10 Aug 2001 - Gold Coast & the Dreamworld

Arriving at Brisbane on 9 Aug night, we picked up our rented Falcon and drove straight to Broad Beach, Gold Coast.


Broad Beach, Gold Coast

Jin and Robyn feeding fishes


Robyn sketching away

A fun day at the Dreamworld in Gold Coast, with both real and unreal animals!


12 Aug 2001 - Shopping at Harbour Town, Gold Coast

13 Aug 2001 - Brisbane to Cairns

Jin, Grandma Susan, Robyn and Grandpa

White tiger


Robyn is Australia

Mitsubitshi Magna - our workhorse in Cairns

Mitsubitshi Magna - our workhorse in Cairns


We arrived at Cairns on the night of 13 Aug. Rented a Magna the next morning and immediately zoomed off southward. We had picnic lunch at The Boulders at Babinda (left), a wonderful creek. It was the start of our temporary disconnection from city life. We eventually stayed the night at a farm in Malanda.

Robyn at Babinda

Robyn taking in the natural ambience at The Boulders

The Boulder at Babinda

Dusk - still in searching of the farm stay...

Dusk - still in searching of the farm stay...

15 Aug 2001 - Malanda - Millaa Millaa

Fairdale Farmstay, Malanda

Fairdale Farmstay, a 120-hectare dairy farm in a scenic setting, was our favourite farm experience, especially its wonderful wholesome breakfast.

Wholesome breakfast at the farm
Robyn's first time riding a pony

My first experience of riding a pony. Would definitely have preferred a fast and furious gallop across farm country rather than such a stroll on fairly flat trail...


Robyn feeding all kinds of animals - turkey, ducks, chicken, horses, sheeps, etc...

Robyn feeding a turkey
Robyn feeding ducks and chicken

Hen: "Hey, look, we've got a little new farmhand today!"

Goose: "Yeah, she's been chasing me around trying to force-feed me!"

Goat: "Looks rather delicious herself..."

Horse: "Hey, little fellow, when is my turn?"

Sheep: "Hey, she's Chinese. Wonder if I'm in luck for some char kway teow..."

Robyn feeding sheeps
Robyn at the Millaa Millaa fall

Alvin, Robyn and Jin at the Millaa Millaa Falls

The Millaa Millaa Falls, the first of 3 waterfalls on the Millaa Millaa waterfall circuit. It has a wonderful swimming hole and a grassy picnic area.



Ellinjaa Falls, the 3rd waterfall on the Millaa Millaa waterfall circuit.

The Yongs at the Ellinjaa Falls

From Millaa Millaa, we decided not to stay the night at Ravenshoe but shoot straight for Undara, a long and rough 4-hour drive, including over unsealed road, to Undara Volcanic National Park in the Gulf Savannah.

The landscape became harsh desert-like and the climate became summer hot despite it was supposed to be winter time. It was the first feeling of the real outback since we started this trip.

The campsite at Undara was simple but well maintained. We stayed in a container cabin with 4 beds.

Breakfast at Undara Volcanic National Park cabin campsite

In search of the mysterious lava tubes

Jin and Alvin in Undara

It's amazing the massive lava tubes, which were formed around 190,000 years ago following the eruption of a single shield volcano. The lava flow drained towards the sea, and as the lava cooled it formed a surface crust. The hotlava contined to flow through the centre of the tubes, eventually leaving huge hollow basalt chambers like a cave.

Undara lava tube



Robyn and Grandpa chopping wood


After a long drive back from Undara, we were very lucky to check into the Gumtree Gataway, a B&B farm. We had the whole house to ourselves and we thoroughly enjoyed having a fireplace. Robyn loved feeding the fire and watching the dancing flames.


18 Aug 2001 - Mount Molloy
Staying the Friday night at the Mt Molloy Hotel was unforgettable. The hotel is all timber and reminds one of those buildings in a cowboy movie! Mt Molloy is a small, layback town and it happened that the entire town population seemed to congregate here on every Friday evening. Grandpa was delighted to have fried rice for dinner and we enjoyed the best mud cake ever!
Mt Molloy National Hotel
From Mt molloy, we drove northward to Mossman Gorge National Park. We had Chinese takeaway fried rice for our picnic lunch by a serene river spot.
Waterplay at the Mossman Gorge National Park

Sugar cane country

This is a sugar cane country! See, I'm just a wee bit shorter.

Barron Gorge National Park
Picnic at Lake Placid
A stroll in the Barron Gorge National Park. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see gushing waters down the 260m mighty Barron Falls as this was the dry season. Relaxing at Lake Placid, where it's also the end point of popular whitewater rafting trips.


From Cairns, we flew to Sydney for an overnight stay and met up with Uncle & Auntie Yip, and Melvin, who happened to be there on business. It was a great family gathering evening.


Robyn: "I love Queensland."

Family gathering at Sydney


26 Aug 2001 - Visit to the Chek Jawa Mud Flat at Pulau Ubin

Robyn exploring living creatures in the mud flat
Mud mud everywhere...
Daddy showing Robyn crabs and fishes

Pulau Ubin is a natural educational playground for me, and I love exploring the island on mountain bike. We have fond memory of camping here for the Millennium Crossover too.

Today, we came to explore the mud flat of Chek Jawa. I found the place to be rich in living organisms, mud skippers and crabs.

See, I'm taller than coconut tree! I thought all coconut trees are tall. Now I know I'm at least taller than two coconut trees...
See, I'm taller than coconut tree!



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