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3rd Year: 2001
- Great Granny & Wading Pool
- BBQ & Fish Farm
- Climbing at Safra Yishun, Toguna and in Shanghai
- Port Dickson & Ice Skating at Fuji Ice Plaza I
- Ice Skating II, Farmart & Nickolas' Birthday
- Botanic Gardens & Zoo
- Queensland Driveabout & Nature Walk in Pulau Ubin
- Pelepah Waterfalls
- Robyn's Birthday @ Sentosa
- Visit to Dentist & Apple Tree
- X'mas, Labrador Park & New Year Campover @ West Coast Park
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3 Mar 2001 - Relaxing @ Home

"Hi, do you like my smile?"

Robyn at home



6 Mar 2001 - Visit to the Zoo

It's never a dull time at the zoo.
Recalling Robyn's first visit to the zoo.

Alvin and Robyn at the zoo

Robyn at the zoo

Jin and Robyn at the zoo

"Aahh! Mummy's attacked by a monkey!"



11 Mar 2001 - BBQ @ North Oaks

It's a nice family BBQ at Auntie Janet's new home at the North Oaks. Uncle Kwok Lum bought a special charcoal that took us an hour to get the fire started... In the mean time, Grandpa, Grandma and I had a playful dip in the pool.

Grandpa and Robyn in the pool

Family BBQ at North Oak

Melvin, Jin, Janet and Kwok Lum at BBQ.


17 Mar 2001 - Kidsworld Exhibition @ Singapore Expo

Robyn Yong

Jin and Robyn

Jin, Robyn and the Big Head.



18 Mar 2001 - Opel Car Show

Alvin, Jin and Robyn at Opel
"While Daddy found pleasure in test-driving the Astra, I much preferred the balloon sculpting, face painting and, of course, the food."


31 Mar 2001 - Visit to Fish Farm & Aerotech Farm

Fish farm

Robyn and fresh harvest

Harvesting fresh aero-grown vegetable at the Aerotech Farm.

Great fun feeding the colourful koi at the Hausmann Fish Farm.



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