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3rd Year: 2001
- Great Granny & Wading Pool
- BBQ & Fish Farm
- Climbing at Safra Yishun, Toguna and in Shanghai
- Port Dickson & Ice Skating at Fuji Ice Plaza I
- Ice Skating II, Farmart & Nickolas' Birthday
- Botanic Gardens & Zoo
- Queensland Driveabout & Nature Walk in Pulau Ubin
- Pelepah Waterfalls
- Robyn's Birthday @ Sentosa
- Visit to Dentist & Apple Tree
- X'mas, Labrador Park & New Year Campover @ West Coast Park
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13 Apr 2001 - Climbing @ National Climbing Centre, SAFRA Yishun

Jin in vertical dance

Jin's climbing asana.

National Climbing Centre at Yishun SAFRA

Robyn and Jing Yang


14 Apr 2001 - Climbing @ Toguna Home Gym

Toguna was Robyn's home climbing gym and it was dismantled later in the year to make way for Robyn's new bedroom...

Toguna is a term used by the Dogon tribe in Mali to describe a low headroom meeting place where people gather to resolve differences. Its ceiling is made low so angry people cannot stand up and get into fight; they have to sit down and talk things over.

Toguna home climbing gym

Robyn climbing up the wall

Robyn loves scrambling up the 8 ft wall and setting challenging routes.

Robyn changing climbing holds



29 Apr 2001 - Alvin Climbs in Shanghai

Alvin was in Shanghai on work assignment and he took the opportunity to climb at Ozark, an indoor climbing gym in Shanghai. He flashed the route.

Alvin climbing in Shanghai indoor climbing gym


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