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7th Year: 2005
- Robyn starts Primary One at De La Salle School
- Dining @ The Old Parliament House
- Tree Top Walk
- Bintan Retreat
- West Sumatra Adventure
- Fun at Botanic Gardens
- Birth of Cousin Skye Yong
- Robyn turns 7
- Geylang Serai Shop Closes
- X'mas @ Tg Sutera
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24 to 26 Dec 2005 - Le Club Sedili (Tanjung Sutera) Re-visit

Scenic drive to Sedili

We had many sweet memories of Le Club Sedili, a place we pioneered many innovative adventures and held numerous team building camps. But that was about 4 years ago...

This trip was our first re-visit after many years and also the first in which we drove directly there for the road is now paved. It took us just over 3 hours from JB in our new CRV.

Driving through the oil palm plantation was interesting as it allowed us to appreciate the plantation and the oil palms at close inspection. Geylang Serai shop

CRV in oil palm plantation

CRV with South China Sea at back

Just 5 minutes from Tangjung Sutera, we arrived at a spot where we could catch a good view of the South China Sea...

Missing tooth

Happy Robyn with a missing tooth

Tanjung Sutera Resort

Tanjung Sutera is the new name for this rustic resort that boosts a horizon-to-horizon view of the South China Sea. It's located at Sedili, along the East Coast of West Malaysia, and about 1.5 hour drive from Kota Tinggi.

The resort is beautifully tucked into an army of coconut trees and it rests just at the edge of a cliff overlooking the South China Sea.


We love to look out to the vast horizon of the South China Sea, listen to the waves and winds, and day-dream... Monsoon is an interesting time for us to be here too as the waves are usually strong and thus musically therapeutic. And we adore the rugged black rocky beach beneath the resort. At low tide, the rock outcrops entrap many fishes and sea creatures which allow us many hours of leisure spotting and catching fishes.

CRV amidst the coconut trees

Ocean view

Swimming pool by the ocean

The refurbished resort now features a new swimming pool that's strategically situated near the edge overviewing the vast ocean.

Robyn climbing all over

Robyn has a whale of a time running and climbing all over the place.

Robyn climbing all over

We spent our Christmas holiday in a magically relaxed way, by the sea, picking sea shells, catching sight of hawks that glided by the shore looking for preys, drawing, reading and eating local food...

Robyn and Alvin doing sketches

Robyn and Alvin by the ocean

We spent many hours at the rugged rocky beach during low tide. We enjoyed spotting fishes, crabs and all kinds of shells. Robyn is now able to scramble around the rock outcrops very confidently.

Robyn and Jin at the pebble beach

We picked many colourful and unusal sea shells and smooth rocks for art and craft.


Robyn, Jin, Alvin and Ahmad (owner of Tanjung Sutera)

Robyn, Jin, Alvin and Ahmad (owner of Tanjung Sutera)

The rock family

Robyn, Alvin and Jin at the rocky beach



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