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7th Year: 2005
- Robyn starts Primary One at De La Salle School
- Dining @ The Old Parliament House
- Tree Top Walk
- Bintan Retreat
- West Sumatra Adventure
- Fun at Botanic Gardens
- Birth of Cousin Skye Yong
- Robyn turns 7
- Geylang Serai Shop Closes
- X'mas @ Tg Sutera
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6 Mar 2005 - Tree Top Walk

It was a fine Sunday morning and we met at the car park outside of the Singapore Island Country Club to stroll the Tree Top Walk in search of the bridge hanging amidst the tree canopy in the Mandai Reserve.

Started off as a morning sweat-out for only a few families, it quickly became a Scent'al family outing. Over 30 people turned out on this fateful morning!

Soon-to-give-birth Ling walked with a rounded tummy...

Little Eugene wondered with a frown why his mummy Janet was carrying him into some jungle...

John and Serene had a good and cool walk in light rain...

Robyn enjoyed a great walk in the nature with all her good friends - Wei Wei, Malcolm and Felina.

Mothers of all sizes came for the morning walk

Martin, Malcolm, Angela & Wendy

John, Serene, Jin, Alison on Tree Top Bridge

John, Serene, Jin, Alison on Tree Top Bridge

Little Eugene & Janet

Little Eugene & Janet

Tree Top Gang The Tree Top Gang


27 Mar 2005 - Bright Hill Temple& BioPlanez Test Flight

Ching Ming is a day to remember our ancestors so our entire family arrived at Bright Hill Temple on early Sunday morning to pay respect.

Ching Ming at Bright Hill Temple

After a late morning breakfast, we went to an open field in Woodland to test fly our BioPlanez RC planes.

Robyn, Janet & Eugene

Little Eugene with  BioPlanez

Little Eugene with BioPlanez

Granny & Jin flying BioPlanez

Granny & Jin flying BioPlanez


27 Mar 2005 - Kids' Drama at Victoria Theatre

Robyn, Lydia & Joshua

Robyn, Lydia & Joshua

The kids' performance by the young artists from the Singapore Arts Theatre was a superb one. Robyn, Joshua and Lydia had a great time joining the young artists on stage after the performance, followed by a walk to the Singapore River.

Robyn, Lydia & Joshua

Robyn, Lydia & Joshua, Sir Stamford style

The Lams and the Yongs

The Lams and the Yongs


31 Mar 2005 - Robyn awarded Student-of-the-Month

Robyn was Student-of-the-Month for March 2005

I was so happy that my teacher awarded me Student-of-the-Month for March 2005.

My photo was displayed at De La Salle's school notice board for all to see.

Daddy and Mummy were very proud of me!



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